Chairmans Chat

February Chairmans Chat

How generous of Oliver Steele, who won the killer skittles competition to donate his winnings of £27.00 to the 2016 chosen charity, ‘The Teenage Cancer Trust.’ Now that’s what I would call, The Spirit of the Event, to quote the green book.

A few changes are now in place regarding your new committee. Welcome on-board to David Moore as the new Club Chairman. I trust all of you will support David and assist him where needed along the way. Both David and I would like to thank the outgoing committee for the hard work they have done for the Club.

Don’t forget it’s now Ubley in March and Binegar in May for the trial. Sorry for the late change of venue, it couldn’t be avoided.

There is a section of the ALRC book printed below as a reminder for RTV competitors, and I must also remind you that;

All RTV vehicles must be Insured, Taxed and hold a current MOT certificate unless exempt by age of the vehicle.

Thanks to all my friends for all your help and support, and remember it should be fun and we should be having a good time doing it‘That’s all folks,’ see you in May. Jus.

Please find below a few extracts from the green book regarding RTV events and setting up.

All RTV vehicles must be Insured, Taxed and hold a current MOT certificate unless exempt by age of the vehicle.

The ALRC Handbook (The Green Book) is still available.

Price £5 - Free to ALRC Members.

Road Taxed Vehicle Trial (RTVT). This event is aimed at competitors with a greater level of experience than the Showroom Vehicle Event, (TYRO,) and may use more severe terrain, though still being non-damaging to sensibly prepared basic production vehicles. All vehicles must be fully road legal with tax, MOT, insurance etc. 


The sections for the trial will usually be set-out on the day previous. You must always make allowance for those competitors who may be driving for the first time in the event.  Care must be taken to keep vehicles away from trees and boulders; and don’t forget the overhanging branches! Take into account the angle of side-slopes which can unnerve the inexperienced, and steep climbs and descents should be reasonably straight. Consider the possibility of overnight rain making a previously grippy surface become slippery, so if you have included a steep descent, make sure there’s nothing in the way at the bottom that a vehicle may slide into.

A quick way of designing a section is to drive a meandering route over a difficult looking area of ground and then put the canes in afterwards. That way you know it’s driveable. You can fine-tune the section afterwards. 

The level of difficulty should gradually increase as you progress through each section there’s no point in putting a very difficult obstacle or an “impossible” turn right at the beginning of the section. This can demoralise competitor and they’ll want value for their money, so put any really difficult bits near or at the end!Water is great fun for the competitors and spectators alike but you must take great care that the water does not conceal any serious hazards or any dangerously deep areas. Make sure that there is no risk of a vehicle overturning in deep water and drowning the occupants.

It should be the ground and not the canes that create the difficulty so use the canes to direct the vehicle to the area of terrain that you want. If you are tight for space, you can make two gates from four canes in a row but you may need to define how far competitors may ‘loop’ between the two. Crossed canes may be used to define the limits. It is up to the Clerk of the Course to define the exact route of the course. See MSA regulation F208. 

January Chairman's Chat

Another year done, and welcome to 2016. Hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. The event calendar for the coming 12 months is now posted and we are not expecting any changes to it. As always we are looking for Clerks to set up and there are plenty of you who are yet to try it, so it’s time to step up and have a go. Just let a committee member know which month and / or where you want and we’ll try to accommodate. We are always glad every month of raffle donations please also.

I missed the time trial unfortunately, families and Christmas got in the way this year but I understand you all had a good time and the event was a fitting send off for the last one at Sahara. Just let me once again extend our thanks to Mark and Sara for all their dedication to the Club and providing the land for us to use, sometimes at very short notice. Thanks to you both.

The AGM for the Club is fast approaching and this is always another time in the year to thank all those who have helped out and given precious time. We have two vacancies coming up for General committee members, we have one for Club Secretary, and one Comp Sec position available. There is also a place for social organizer of the Club and for somebody to take over the shop. All applications must be submitted to the Club Secretary in writing by post or e-mail, no later than the 20th February 2016 please. Address and e-mail details are available within the mag or at the Club web page. At the last Committee meeting I took the opportunity to thank all of the Committee on behalf of the members for their hard work and dedication, it’s easy to forget that it’s all given for free and often taken for granted. It’s easy to point the finger at one person but not take into account the frustration it can cause behind the scenes. Time, patience, listening and understanding gets the job done. As I’ve said many times it should be, turn up, sign on, have a good time, say thank you to those deserving, safe journey home.

So big and equal thanks to those staying and those going. Cheers. The last post up for grabs is that of Chairman. This post I’ve been elected into over the last three years now, and at each AGM I have always offered my position to its members and this year is no different. We are a big Club and there must be one of you who fancy a stab at it, so don’t be shy and offer up your application to the Secretary. Obviously if there are no applications then with your blessing I’ll stay but don’t be moaning after! My feelings won’t be hurt and I’m always here to offer support to the new guy or lass if needed, so dig deep and have a go. There are plenty of you who I talk to regularly that would make an excellent Chairman for the Club. Sometime a change helps keep it fresh.

The AGM is on the 27th Feb 2016 at Prattens Sports Club, Charlton Road, Midsomer Norton, BA3 4BD. 20.00hrs start with light food and killer skittles (£2.00 per head for the skittles. One for the sticker up and one for the tote for the outright winner) to follow. SWLRC members will also be allowed to purchase all drinks at Prattens Club Members Prices. The AGM will consist of reports by the elected officers, election of new officers and any other business in line with the meeting and Club constitution.

Last chance to get yourself in for the presentation evening. See Jem if you’re going and be sure you pay your monies. The venue is very good the Menu is wells elected for all pallets, trophies are done, speech to be written. All help is well received with the last part!

See you all at Binegar Quarry,

J Stenner, Club Chairman.