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Welcome to the Home for the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club 

Update on our Next Event:
The planned RTV and CCV on Sunday 13th October 2020 will not be going ahead, as we have unfortunately been unable to secure a suitable location for the trial. Therefore our next event will be Sunday 8th November 2020 at Binegar Quarry. 

NEXT Event: RTV and CCV - Binegar Quarry
8th November 2020

Please ensure you read the return document before attempting to pre-book, sign on or attend an event. 

Return Document: http://bit.ly/ReturnToTrialing 


Pre-Booking/Signing On: http://bit.ly/Pre-BookingForm

Online Payment System: https://swlrc.sumup.link/
(This can be used in advance even if you will be Signing On on-the-day)

Signing On Form for Download: https://bit.ly/SigningOnForm

Who are the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club:

 Established many years ago the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club is a way for enthusiasts to meet on a monthly basis and use their beloved vehicles for the purpose they were designed and built!

 We run competitions every second Sunday of the month and all are welcome - either as spectators or participants. We are an ALRC affiliated club, therefore must comply with all of their regulations.

 The competitions are divided into two categories - RTV & CCV. RTV is designed for all Road Taxed Vehicles and is essentially a non-damaging drive over a tough and challenging course, pitted against similar vehicles. The CCV or Cross-Country Vehicle class is much more challenging and may cause damage, the vehicles which take part in this are invariably specialised and the drivers are invariably a bit... well...

For more information please visit the About Us page, and

 PLEASE check the guidance page before turning up expecting to trial for the first time.


For those on Facebook, SWLRC have both a group and a page.