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Following the lifting of the national lockdown restrictions, and returning to the original tiered system, Motorsport events can continue to be held in-line with Government and MotorsportUK Guidance in all alert levels. At this point in time, a number of our local areas are in Tier 2, (Bath and NE Somerset, Mendip, South Somerset and Wiltshire), however Bristol and North Somerset are in Tier 3. This causes difficulties for some of our members, as although there are no enforceable restrictions against travel, it is advised that those in the Very High (Tier 3) area should not travel out of the locale, except for essential purposes.
In the current situation, it is felt that although we would be able to hold an event, excluding, or causing difficult decisions for those living in Tier 3 is not within the ethos of the club, and therefore a December trial will not be organised. The decision will be reviewed in the New Year, following any updates to the Covid restrictions, and where we will aim to hold events once again.
This is not the news many of you were hoping for, however I hope that you understand the rationale behind this decision, and that the safety of our members is at the forefront of our thoughts.
It feels fairly early to do this, however considering we will not be meeting in person, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a safe and healthy Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank all of those members who have attended trials this year. Additionally, I would like to thank the Mark and the rest of his committee for their hard work and support over these last 12 months.
If you have any questions, please drop me a message or get in contact.
I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Regards, Will, Competition Secretary.


Today, MotorsportUK have confirmed a suspension of all grass roots and non-elite Motorsport for the full duration of lockdown, from Thursday 5th November until the 2nd December at the earliest. This therefore means all organising permits are withdrawn and as such we are unable to hold events until this suspension is lifted. Following a suitable improvement in the COVID situation and lifting of the restrictions by DCMS/MotorsportUK, the Committee will make a decision on any future events that will be organised and we will post an update closer to the time. I hope everyone stays safe and well during this time, and we look forward to meeting at an event when we can! Regards, Will, Competition Secretary The full release is available here

RTV and CCV - Binegar Quarry
8th November 2020

Please ensure you read the return document before attempting to pre-book, sign on or attend an event. 

Return Document: http://bit.ly/ReturnToTrialing 


From previous experience, I believe the Phone Signal can be patchy in the Quarry, so please pre-pay or, if this is not possible bring cash on the day as it is unlikely the card machine will work. The online methods are preferred. 

Pre-Booking/Signing On Form: http://bit.ly/Pre-BookingForm

Online Payment System: https://swlrc.sumup.link/
(This can be used in advance even if you will be Signing On on-the-day)

Signing On Form for Download: https://bit.ly/SigningOnForm

*Spectators still not permitted due to COVID Regulations*

Who are the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club:

 Established many years ago the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club is a way for enthusiasts to meet on a monthly basis and use their beloved vehicles for the purpose they were designed and built!

 We run competitions every second Sunday of the month and all are welcome - either as spectators or participants. We are an ALRC affiliated club, therefore must comply with all of their regulations.

 The competitions are divided into two categories - RTV & CCV. RTV is designed for all Road Taxed Vehicles and is essentially a non-damaging drive over a tough and challenging course, pitted against similar vehicles. The CCV or Cross-Country Vehicle class is much more challenging and may cause damage, the vehicles which take part in this are invariably specialised and the drivers are invariably a bit... well...

For more information please visit the About Us page, and

 PLEASE check the guidance page before turning up expecting to trial for the first time.


For those on Facebook, SWLRC have both a group and a page.