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Next Event: Open Time Trial
Sunday 27th January 2019
Binegar Quarry, BA3 4TJ
More details here

Dear All,
I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Just a reminder for a few upcoming changes and events:

- CCV Drivers: As of 1st January 2019, all fire extinguishers must show a service label proving that the extinguisher is in date and has been serviced to manufacturers guidelines or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.  

- Next Event: RTV and CCV at Binegar Quarry, CCV CLERKS REQUIRED

- MSA: The MSA is now known as MotorSportUK

- ALRC Letters: November 2018, Meeting and Scrutineering and Off Road Committee Minutes are now available.
Links here: Letter     EGM Minutes     SORC Minutes

- Motorsport UK Rule Implementation: 

    60.5.1 The engine must not produce visible smoke or exhaust emissions during the event; however reasonable
    emissions, such as the occasional “puff” are tolerated. Any official of the event is empowered to judge this.
    If the competitor is unable to affect a solution during the event they shall be disqualified from the competition.
    Extensive discussion in the SORC Minutes as linked above.

- Q Class: The ALRC have decided to continue the Q Class trial for a further two years for RTV only.

- Annual Prize Giving: Sunday 16th Feb - More details and menu here

- OPEN Timed Trial: Sunday 27th January Entry is now open. More details here

- 2019 Events Calendar: OUT NOW on Event Calendar page

Cheers, Will
Comp Sec

Who are the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club:

 Established many years ago the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club is a way for enthusiasts to meet on a monthly basis and use their beloved vehicles for the purpose they were designed and built!

 We run competitions every second Sunday of the month and all are welcome - either as spectators or participants. We are an ALRC affiliated club, therefore must comply with all of their regulations.

 The competitions are divided into two categories - RTV & CCV. RTV is designed for all Road Taxed Vehicles and is essentially a non-damaging drive over a tough and challenging course, pitted against similar vehicles. The CCV or Cross-Country Vehicle class is much more challenging and may cause damage, the vehicles which take part in this are invariably specialised and the drivers are invariably a bit... well...

For more information please visit the About Us page, and

 PLEASE check the guidance page before turning up expecting to trial for the first time.


Thank You for providing us with a room and food for our committee meetings - 

For those on Facebook, SWLRC have both a group and a page.