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Due to a number of different factors, the next event is still unconfirmed. 

We hope to provide an update soon.


Pre-Booking/Signing On Form (Competitors/Navigators/Officials): https://bit.ly/Pre-BookingForm

Online Payment System: https://swlrc.sumup.link/

Signing On Form for Download: https://bit.ly/SigningOnForm

UPDATE - 26th July 2021

Following the movement by the government to remove all legal COVID-19 restrictions, MotorsportUK have released updated guidance for organisers of Motorsport events. Due to how we have been running our events, there will be very little noticeable change, however noteably we will now be allowing Spectators at our events. 

All other guidance remains, such as not attending events if you have COVID-19 Symptoms, or have been identified as a close contact, a preference to entering/signing-on & paying online in advance, and continuing to encourage Social Distancing where ever possible.

If you would like to read the full update and announcement from MotorsportUK, please access it here.


Please ensure you read the return document before attempting to pre-book, sign on or attend an event. 

Return Document: http://bit.ly/ReturnToTrialing 

Looking forward to our first event back this weekend (18th April), just a couple of important reminders:
  • If you are planning to come along, either as a Driver, Navigator or Marshal, I would be grateful if you could complete the online signing-on form. It'll make everything so much easier! Payment can be completed in-advance, or we can sort it on the day.
  • Unfortunately, we are still unable to accept any spectators, but why not come along and marshal?
  • There will not be any catering at this event, so please bring along your own food and drink.
  • Please remind yourself of the Return to Trialling Guidance and Covid Requirements for events.
  • Scrutineering from 8:30am, Drivers Briefing starts at 9:50am.
  • As previously mentioned, we will be re-issuing Membership Cards with the extension, however we'd be grateful if you could bring a completed membership form, or be able to confirm your details haven't changed, in-line with GDPR Regulations.
It would be great if we had a few more RTV entries too, but CCV is looking like a great turnout. See you there!


Exciting News.... Motorsport is Back! First Trial: Sunday 18th April 2021, find all the information and booking details below.

Please be aware that there will be no catering at this event, please bring your own food and drink

We are delighted to announce that Motorsport is once again allowed to resume under the additional guidance provided by MotorsportUK - "Getting Back on Track". Our first trial will be on the THIRD weekend in April, Sunday 18th April, at Binegar Quarry. Please could all club members please read the below information.

Our events will be subject to the same protocols that were in place during the summer, and therefore I would request that everyone again familiarises themselves with the return to trialling document that was published by the committee, which outlines the expectations that we have when running events. The link to this can be found below.

Important Information:

Firstly, a reminder for those who have not yet done so, to renew their MSUK RS Clubman Licences ready for the year ahead. As previously, these are required for all Drivers and Navigators who will be entering our events. These are again free for 2021, however MSUK are not sending physical cards, so please ensure you have access to the digital version or a printed copy. 
Head to https://rsclubman.motorsportuk.org/ to complete the renewal.

Secondly, regarding club membership. Owing to the fact that it has been nearly a whole year of events that we've missed due to Coronavirus, your committee have decided to gift you all a 'free' year of membership, and your current expiry date will now be extended by one year. So, for example, if your membership expired at the end of June 2020, it is now due for renewal at the end of June 2021. We will reissue membership cards at our next few events. Please have your old card to hand so we won't need to verify your old date! This will apply even if you have renewed in the last year. If you need a card sent out via post as you are entering other clubs' events, please let me know, and we'll sort it for you. 

Finally, we will also be holding our club AGM, via Zoom, on Friday 26th March, 7:45 for an 8pm Start. Due to the quiet year we've had, it should be a very short meeting, but it will still be a chance for any members to raise any issues they may have, and also a good opportunity for us to run through our plans for the year ahead, and a reminder about the guidance in-place so our trials can run effectively and safely. I'll work out the method for sending out the joining instructions in due course.

Hopefully this all makes sense, any questions, please let us know.

Who are the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club:

 Established many years ago the Somerset and Wiltshire Land Rover Club is a way for enthusiasts to meet on a monthly basis and use their beloved vehicles for the purpose they were designed and built!

 We run competitions every second Sunday of the month and all are welcome - either as spectators or participants. We are an ALRC affiliated club, therefore must comply with all of their regulations.

 The competitions are divided into two categories - RTV & CCV. RTV is designed for all Road Taxed Vehicles and is essentially a non-damaging drive over a tough and challenging course, pitted against similar vehicles. The CCV or Cross-Country Vehicle class is much more challenging and may cause damage, the vehicles which take part in this are invariably specialised and the drivers are invariably a bit... well...

For more information please visit the About Us page, and

 PLEASE check the guidance page before turning up expecting to trial for the first time.


For those on Facebook, SWLRC have both a group and a page.