The Band

Some Like It Hot Members: 
Kaye Caldwell - Bandleader/Trumpeter/Vocals
Ron Kennedy - Banjo/Vocals
Nita Hemeter - Drums
Lil Josephine - Bass
Eric Shuman - Clarinet
Janice Medlock - Trombone

Note: The above list is the actual band personnel of Some Like It Hot, however, some of the photos on the site may include other band personnel not listed.

Kaye Caldwell: Bandleader/Trumpet/Vocals...Kaye originated the idea of the Some Like It Hot band and inspired other players to join her in the quest to provide a fun band staying true to the concept of traditional jazz.  

Nita Hemeter:  adept, enthusiastic and barefoot style creates the distinctive traditional jazz sound to Some Like It Hot.

Ron Kennedy: Banjo/Vocals.... His instrument is Banjo with the top four tuned guitar style  - a rhythm-making occasional slapping style that lights the fire under almost any dancer or listener.

Lil Josephine: String Bass/Bass Drum... her flexibility in providing a swinging rhythmic feel feeds the dynamic pulse that complements the other rhythms.

Eric Shuman: Clarinet.......also talented on the piano and other horns.   His beautiful solos and harmonies complete the Dixieland sound of Some Like It Hot.

Janice Medlock:  Trombone/vocals....another musical talent contributing to the Dixieland sound of Some Like It Hot.