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Version History

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Release DateVersionLines of Java codeDetails
January 6, 2013 v2.01 21,319 * Revamped interface, optimized for Android 4+ * View filters (for both prescriptions and history) * Memo tabs: large size memo fields in 8 categories (4K each, 256-bit AES cryptography): Emergencies, About me, Medicines, Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Health plans, Extra info * Linkify technology on all memo tabs (live links to web addresses, emails, phone numbers and maps) * Easily import text files directly into memo tabs, no need to create or edit them at the device (from email or file system) * Home screen ICE emergency widgets, allowing fast access to emergency information * Notification bar ICE shortcut * Emergency paging capabilities, with geolocation, for prescriptions too late * Large size secondary instruction field for prescriptions (2K each) * Limited slide prescription type, suitable for working shifts (specially crafted for ADD people) Visual low stock alerts * Daily low stock notification automatically activates the low stock filter * Alternative list style (good for tablets) * Medicine unit media descriptor (physical form of delivery) * Option to mute all prescriptions for a certain period of time (great for meetings) * Option to mute single prescription over weekends * Option to not log to the history * Optional password to protect all edits and certain views * Password can be cached for up to one hour * Notification improved to allow override dates * Notification improved to show 14 days history, instead of 24h * Detailed history statistics * Number of collected metrics up from 2 to 4 * Metrics can be customized for all basic vitals and some extras (Temperature, Blood pressure, Pulse, Oxygen saturation, Pain level, Glucose, glycated hemoglobin, pH, Height, Weight, Waist, Body fat, Sleep hours, Sleep quality, Long term history max lifespan up from 180 to 365 days 
December 21, 2012 v1.82 12,330 * Activated AchieveMint, the Life Rewards Network 
November 5, 2012 v1.80 12,330 * Goodbye ads: free version up to 20 prescriptions, paid version 50 * Option to mute prescriptions (for use on low importance ones) * Option to prompt for dosage upon notifications (for John) * Option to enforce minimum spacing for PRN prescriptions (for John) * Active-Rest type no longer limited to a single cycle (for Martine) * Repeating alarms (for Todd) * Timetable entry mode, allowing uneven intervals and dosages (for everybody :-) * Global history viewer * Data collection customization (descriptions and scales) * Inventory control improvements * Daily low stock level warning * Interface improvements 
October 12, 2012 v1.75 10,066 * Skip next dose option * Minor interface improvements * Fixed early take bug 
October 7, 2012 v1.74 10,014 * Ative-rest schedules * Take now on regular prescriptions (for Rate9) * Minor fixes 
September 30, 2012 v1.72 9,719 * Logging improvements * Schedule overrides (for Rate9) * Remove pack from inventory (for PeeWee) * Fixed inventory picker issue * Fixed inventory force-close * Fixed history data restore issue 
September 23, 2012 v1.70 9,299 * Contraceptives support * Time zone skewing * Shake to silence alarm (for Karla) * Shake to bypass lock screen (for Karla) * Preference for list sort order (for Fernando) * More history logs editables (for Fernando) * Support for weekend days only prescriptions (for Rashid) * Safe action buttons (on by default) * Inventory refill * Notification sound selection * Flashlight integration on notification screen * Fixed bug when deleting more than one history record at once * Fixed rare force-close on devices reporting zero as screen timeout * Fixed some interface glitches on very large screens 
August 19, 2012 v1.62 6,519 * Preference to wake up device (for Crazy Cat) * Sliding prescriptions * Take as needed prescriptions * Last 24h events right on confirmation screen * Adjust dosage to take at the confirmation screen * Option to link drug unit to drug power/scale * Improved history screen * Improved user interface * Better tablet appearance * Fixed minor bugs 
August 5, 2012 v1.50 5,239 * Long term history * Dose confirmation screens * Dose annotation and metrics * Easy inventory control * Improved user interface * Date/time localized formats 
July 24, 2012 v1.05 3,378 * Action to temporarily suspend all notifications at once * Preference to hide service notification icon * Soft menu button * Prescription limit up to 50 entries * Improved help text * Link to home and FAQ pages * Time picker 15 min increments 
July 16, 2012 v1.03 2,586 * Do not autostart if list empty * Double back to exit * Sort list by medication name 
July 12, 2012 v1.02 2,857 * Free version now ad-supported, and up to 30 prescriptions 
July 11, 2012 v1.01 2,475 * Fix backup-restore screen scroll issue on base resolution devices 
July 8, 2012 v1.00 2,475 * Initial release 
Showing 14 items