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What is Your Medicine 1-2-3?

In a nutshell, it is help to make sure you never forget a medication again. But please bear in mind:  taking your medication is your sole responsibility, Your Medicine 1-2-3 is just a way to make things much much easier for you.

Please make sure you get acquainted with the many features of 1-2-3, so you can make the best use of it:

Why is Your Medicine 1-2-3 always sitting on the notification bar?

Taking medications is serious business and this is a safety precaution. Programs running this way are much much less likely to be terminated by Android if the device's memory gets too low and, even if they do get terminated, Android loads them up again as soon as possible.

As you probably know or suspect no phone operating system is a mission critical environment. They are not even a true RTOS (real time operating system) meaning that applications may be killed at any time if the system is low on resources.

1-2-3 uses a different approach from most apps and runs as a service. A side effect of this is that we can listen to time and time zones changes as they happen, which is a good thing. Apps that rely entirely on the alarm system just cannot do that.

Bottom line: for us, your health is mission critical. We take no chances and keeping 1-2-3 always running and visible to you is definitely the best way to assure that medication alarms are always delivered on time, because the OS won't kill a background service sitting on the notification bar.

Remember, most prescription apps use the built in alarm system and get loaded only when time is due. But WHAT IF at that precise time the system is low on resources, because you are doing something? A new app may not be able to load at that time, simple as that - and you may not get notified on time.

Versions 1.05 and above allow removing the notification icon by changing the service mode from FOREGROUND to BACKGROUND. This is done at the advanced preferences screen. The background mode should be fine for most users. But, if you are a heavy user, please keep the service running at foreground mode.

Versions 2.00 and above: app no longer defaults to foreground mode. It is up to users activate the task killer protection.

PS:  you might also want to know that running as a foreground service also protects 1-2-3 against task killers, programs designed to free memory. Task killers just "kill" other apps and some devices even come with task killers preloaded.

I would like to move 1-2-3 to the SD card

Sorry, not possible, due to characteristics of the Android operating system: applications loaded automatically at boot get up before the SD card is mounted.

Therefore, if you move 1-2-3 to the SD card, it won't start by itself when you turn on your device, you would have to remember to start 1-2-3 by yourself. And we bet a pincher that you would most likely never remember to do that, or at least not before you realize you did miss a medication reminder!   :-)  :-)  :-)

In fact, we do nothing to prevent the app from being moved to the SD card, the operating system does.

How many medications can I manage with it?

We placed a limit on this, it is currently set to 50 prescriptions, which should suffice for the majority of personal needs.

This limit only exists to preserve memory on the average device. Please note that Your Medicine 1-2-3 has no problem coping with a much larger limit, and we may increase this number later.

Anyway, if you need a larger number, just let us know:  we will send you a special build (paying customers only).

Can I make notifications do not go off at night?

Yes you can. By default 1-2-3 only check for time matches until midnight. Therefore, if you set a prescription to begin at 08:00, say with a 6 hour interval, the alarm will trigger at 08:00, 14:00 and 20:00, but it will not trigger at 02:00! Plus, if you want, you can limit the number of occurrences to 2x a day, this way only the notifications for 08:00 and 14:00 would go off.

You can sleep in peace! In fact, if you do need to take medication at 2:00AM you must tell the app about this, configuring the first take of day for this time. Simple as 1-2-3 ;-)

PS:  By design, there is an exception to this, sliding prescriptions run around the clock. Depending on the interval in hours, you might want to perform a "take now" before bed time.

If I miss a notification, can I be reminded of that?

Absolutely, this is the default behavior. If you do not dismiss a notification, the device's default notification sound will be played every quarter of hour. If Your Medicine 1-2-3 is configured to vibrate, the device will vibrate as well. Please be aware that if the device happens to be on silent mode this sound will get muted but the device will vibrate regardless of 1-2-3's vibration settings.

Is there a way to make sure I do not miss a notification?

Yes, there is. You can individually set a prescription to "alarm stamina". This will make the built-in alarm sound play for 60 seconds following your device's alarm volume, plus vibration. Of course this is a "best effort", if you are far away from your device, chances are you will not hear it.

By design, sliding and birth control prescriptions have the stamina turned on by default, as they are time-sensitive schedules.

The alarm stamina might get you crazy sometimes, but remember, all of this is for your own good!

I find this app annoying, specially at work

A pill reminder app is only as good as its notification system. A perfectly on-time reminder is of no use if it goes unnoticed.

Anyway, we agree that at work notifications should be subtle. And you can do that with 1-2-3, just choose a short notification sound.

Actually, most apps only offer short notification sounds!  Your Medicine 1-2-3 is among the very few that let you opt for either a ringtone or a notification sound.

You can also opt for the app built-in alarm sound - but keep in mind, the built-in sounds were specially crafted to be fierce, long and disturbing! And, just to be on the safe side, a built-in is the app default. So please select what you want right after you install the app.

How do I dismiss a notification?

To dismiss the notification, roll down the notification bar and tap the Your Medicine 1-2-3 notification. If you just want to make the alarm sound stop, just touch the notification bar (no need to roll it down).

Versions 1.70 and up support shaking to silence the alarm, and also shaking to show the notification over the lock screen.

When you select the notification, a confirmation screen appears. At this screen you can choose to take, snooze or skip the dose. You can also adjust stock levels and enter optional notes and metrics.

It is possible to adjust the time 1-2-3 will use to record the dose as taken or skipped, to do that, just press the menu button. This is useful when, for any reason, you took the dose before its due time. As a matter of fact, you can adjust the dosage taken as well.

How can I send my drug list to my pharmacy or doctor?

Easy on versions 1.04 and above: just long press the prescription list and choose "Email list". Versions 1.50 and above, press the menu button and choose "Email list".

The same can be done at the prescription history screen, so you can send your records to your doctor, including notes and metrics you might have entered.

PS:  we STRONGLY advise that you don't tell your doctor that 1-2-3 allows you to edit the log and fake stuff!

I also manage other people's medication. How can I tell one notification apart from others?

You can optionally enter a patient name, this name will be shown along the notification. You can also set different colors to different people.

Can I use the device's default ringtone as Your Medicine 1-2-3's alarm sound?

Actually, you cannot. The idea is that you should definitely associate a particular sound with your medicine notifications. When you at the preferences screen choose the default ringtone, you are in fact telling Your Medicine 1-2-3 to use its built-in alarm sound. This sound plays long (about 30 seconds), has progressive volume and a high-pitch tone.

How about tablets, does Your Medicine 1-2-3 run OK on them?

Currently Your Medicine 1-2-3 runs fine on any Android device running version 2.1 and up that does have a menu button or a menu button emulation.

Future releases will have a dynamic interface, more suitable for tablets (e.g. it will look nicer ;-)

What are the "operation modes" listed at preferences, advanced?

These settings are related to battery life. The default mode is "Fixed", meaning that the app will wake up the device at every quarter of the hour to do checks. This mode is very precise and also very easy on the battery, it keeps the device awake less that 0,03% of the time.

The other mode is "Loose". In this mode, the app will not ever wake up the device. Instead, it "hitch-hikes" on times the device happens to be already awake. This happens a lot, but not at a rate fast enough to give you notifications right on time, they will be most likely delayed for a few minutes. This mode is therefore less precise, on the other hand, it could require a bit less battery juice if you have other apps running backstage.

Unless you have a good reason to change, we recommend leaving this setting as the default, Fixed mode. If you choose different, please restart your device to make the change effective.

At the bottom of the About screen you can find information on your device sleeping habits :-) anything above 80% seems to be top notch.

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