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@ Your Medicine 1-2-3

Make sure you always take your medicine on time.

Your Medicine 1-2-3 is the app to help you to not forget the medicine you have to take on a regular basis. It is very easy to use yet very powerful.

1-2-3 is a medicine reminder app unique in a number of ways, like having full support for time zones, and not in an on-off only fashion, you get plenty of choices. There is support for take-as-needed medications, support for contraceptives, and support for when you have to keep strict interval-based control on something, like your diabetes.

Soon, through the integration with our upcoming ICE application, 1-2-3 will even be able to text someone if you do not check-in for your diabetes control. How about that for peace of mind? Stay tuned with us!

We also have a very sophisticated and safe notification mechanism: notifications are clean, non-confusing, and reliable. No pill reminder app is better that its notification system, so we have been putting a lot of thinking and effort into ours.

Please browse the following presentations to learn more about 1-2-3 and discover why it is the most comprehensive pill reminder app on the market. See for yourself that Your Medicine 1-2-3 is not a skin-deep app, see that it really carries great value inside and is capable to do a lot for you. And for your loved ones.

Main features

 Contraceptives support

 Time zones support

Scheduling guide

If you prefer, here is a set of PDF files (same content as above, just slightly cooler fonts and formats):

ownload link:Key features:
  • Up to 50 prescriptions
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Effective notifications
  • Shake to silence
  • Shake to bypass lock
  • Time zone support
  • Birth control support
  • PRN  support
  • ADD support
  • Intervals support
  • Memo tabs
  • Password protection
  • Simple ICE features
  • Emergency SMS
  • Inventory control
  • Long term logging
  • Data collection
  • Data export
  • Data backup/restore
  • Meeting mode
  • Immune to task killers and deep sleep mode
Current Release:
  • Version 2.01
    January 6, 2013