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Where did Scully and Moulder carry those big flashlights? Plus brick-sized cell phones? Not to mention their guns!

Yes, another one. There are a lot of them around, some really cool, but not many make full use of your über smartphones features.

This one lights up your phone as all others, here are the differences:
  • If you put your device into your pocket (or whatever), it will turn off the lights in a few seconds, and lock the device.
  • There is a configurable timer, you can shake the phone to restart the countdown.
  • About 10 seconds from the end of the countdown, the light color shifts from bright white to android green, so you can tell you should shake the phone.
  • If you do not shake it and it happens to turn off, there is a grace period for you to shake the phone and turn the lights back on.
  • It does not turn on the flashlight right away. For that, you must double tap the screen. We figured that's good for your battery, you only use the camera flash if you really need to. Double tap again to turn it off, otherwise it will turn off itself along the screen.
  • Swipe up for a not so useful yellow taxi sign, swipe up again for a cool concert candlelight (timer pauses on these two modes).
  • It shows on-screen both the countdown seconds and the current battery level
  • If connected to a power source, it can optionally keep the lights on while the power source lasts
  • A home screen widget is part of the package. It not only launches the flashlight, it also works as a nice battery meter. You can configure it to also show your device sleep rate (does your battery drain fast and you do not know why?)
That pretty much covers it. It's simple but very handy.  Enjoy!

Your Medicine 1-2-3 versions 1.70 and above and A-Flashlight versions 1.12 and above work well together . You call the flashlight from the medicine reminder, and your notification details get transferred to the flashlight screen. Than just double tap to turn the camera flash on. Find and and take your medicine without turning any room lights on.

A-Flashlight screenshots

ownload link:
Key features:
  • Proximity sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Adjustable timers
  • Widget (double as battery meter)
Current Release:
  • Version 1.16
    September 22, 2012