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Futsal Fiesta 2013 Tournament

Sombrero Club successfully hosted the 2nd edition of Futsal Fiesta tournament on Mar 9, 2013 at the Canlan Sportflex complex in Mississauga.

The tournament drew 7 teams in the Open age category & 6 teams in the Over 40 category.

The tournament was inaugurated by the founders of the Sombrero Club and saw many interesting events from the pool draws, singing of the national anthem, team parade's, competitive / exciting soccer matches, excellent organization, electronic scoring, TFC referees, Bollywood Chica's half time performance, excellent DJ music, enthusiastic spectators (families, friends & children), brilliant trophies and awards to an exciting closure for the tournament

We have captured the day's events in photos in the slideshow below:-

Futsal Fiesta 2013 - Mar 9, 2013

The league matches, semis and finals were all very competitive games that saw the better sides win; bringing their skills, stamina, experience and training to the fore to bag the prestigious Futsal Fiesta trophies.

The Games also had Most Valuable Player "MVP" Golden boot given out to 2 individuals who showcased their excellent skills and game-play leading their teams to victory in the individual categories

The Winners, Runner Up team and MVP's in the tournament were as follows:-

Winners (Men's Over 40) : Aryana

Runners Up (Men's Over 40) : Sombrero SC

MVP (Men's Over 40) : Abdul Zahir (Aryana)

Winners (Men's Open) : Simba

Runner's Up (Men's Open) : Goa FC

MVP (Men's Open) : Aaron D'Silva

Photo's & event's leading up to the tournament

Futsal Fiesta 2013

Teaser Trailer released on Jan 3, 2012.

Teaser Trailer for Sombrero Club's Futsal Fiesta 2013 Tournament

MVP Award
Half Time Presentation


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