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History & Fun Facts

The Sombrero Club founding members are Trevorlyn Menezes, Jestin Nazren, Joelien Jose and Clyde Sequeira. 
Sombrero Club, Mississauga was established in 2009 with a vision and mission to connect parents and kids based on 5 Core values. Honesty, Openness, Consistency, Share and Focus.  
The goal of the members is to identify and integrate talent into the community by reaching out and leading by example. Soccer was identified as the foundation to develop and groom this relationship into a pool of talent through mentorship, leadership and buildings one's self esteem's. 
Our pool of talent program is focused on creating leaders. Our Goal is to integrate our talent into the community by reaching out and leading by example.
Sombrero Park

March 16, 2012

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Fun Facts
Fun Facts
# of players registered for Indoor Soccer - Approx 35 
Where do we practice Indoor soccer - St. Veronica's school, Indoor Gym on Wed & Fri 
1st Team name used for a tournament in 2009 - Sombrero 7; participating in a 7 player tournament in 2009. Since then the team has adopted the name Sombrero Club 
What's the name of the junior team from Sombrero Club - Sombrero Stars 
How did we arrive at the name for the club - It started with groups of soccer enthusiasts gathering to play soccer wednesday's & friday's @ the Park by Sombrero Way, Mississauga and we decided to use that name 
Name of the field - Sombrero Park 
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