The bhArgava clan

The bhR^igus in history, myth and science 


The descendents of bhR^igu or the bhArgava-s were one of the foremost  of the clans of ancient brAhmaNas, Their origins go back to at least the proto-Indo-Iranian period and were amongst the most prominent composers of literature throughout Hindu history. They were foremost R^iShis of the atharvaveda, and the promulgators of the vedic fire rite and the soma rite. They were also amongst the founders of Hindu medicine and science. Some famous bhR^igus of the later years included the grammarians mANDukya and pANini. Probably up to 20% of the modern brahmins descend from a lineage connected directly to the ancient bhArgava-s. Given below are some writings on the bhR^igus:

The genealogy of early bhArgavas

bhR^igu-s of the R^igveda

The spell of the bhArgavas

The rape of arajA

The vItahavyas and kAshi-rAjas

The bhR^igu smR^iti