Hindu and Heathen Literature, Ritual and Philosophy

Various discussion on Hindu thought and ritual shall be covered here

The vedic anusvAra  (A simple guide to the anusvAra: the vedic nasal)

A practical guide to Vedic accents (The vedic svaras are expounded in the traditional sikShA and pratishAkhya texts. However, these phonetic treatises are complex and the poor translations and misunderstandings of certain Indologists have confused their understanding)

The bhR^igu smR^iti (My monograph on the bhR^igu smR^iti A treatise composed by my ancient ancestors that plays a critical role in the emergence of early Hindu science. This work translates the section of the smR^iti pertaining to the proto-science of the Hindus. It has significance and content similar to the works of Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and Empedoceles in relation to the emergence of Greek science)

The bhArgava clan

The god revanta

The saura mata

On some dAnas and utsargas of the mediaeval Hindus