0011a. Who is the Holy Spirit? Who is the Holy Ghost? What is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Ghost? In Arabic.

                                                                                     24 June 2010 CE (1431 AH). 

The Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost. 

In Arabic names.  


1. Introduction to the spirit.

2. Is the Holy Spirit Allah? Is the Holy Spirit Allaah?

3. Is The Holy Spirit Angel Gabriel?

4. Is the Holy Spirit an Angel or another Spirit?

5. What is the duty and tasks of The Holy Spirit?

6. What does “a Spirit from himself” mean?

7. Angel Gabriel (Jibreel, Jibril, Jibrael) reveals inspiration from Allah to the heart.

8. The Holy Spirit reveals revelations from Allah.

9. Who is the Spirit of Faith and Truth?

10. Who is Our Spirit?

11. The Spirit, the Soul and the Body.

12. The birth of Prophet Jesus in the Quran. 

13. Prophet Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Quran.

14. Allah, Humans and Angels. Allaah, Humans and Angels.



Is The Holy Spirit God?

Is The Holy Spirit Allah?

Is The Holy Spirit Allaah?

Is The Holy Spirit Angel Gabriel?

Is The Holy Spirit Angel Jibreel?

Is The Holy Spirit Angel Jibril?

Is The Holy Spirit Angel Jibrael?


The Holy Spirit (Ruh al-Qudus, Rooh al-Qudus).

The Holy Ghost.

The Spirit.

The Spirit of God.

The Spirit from God.

The Spirit of Allah.

The Spirit from Allah.

The Spirit of Allaah.

The Spirit from Allaah.

The Spirit of Truth.

The Spirit of Faith.

The Spirit of Faith and Truth.

The Trustworthy Spirit (Ruh al-Ameen, Rooh al-Ameen, al-Ruh al-Ameen, al-Rooh al-Ameen).

The Spirit of inspiration.

The Spirit of revelation.

The Spirit of God’s command.

The Spirit from God’s command.

The Spirit of Allah’s command.

The Spirit from Allah’s command.

The Spirit of Allaah’s command.

The Spirit from Allaah’s command.



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Who is the Holy Spirit?

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