0012a. Who is Allah? Who is Allaah? Who is Isa? Who is Muhammad? In Arabic.



11 November 2010 CE (1431 AH). 



The Jewish view of God, 
                                     The Christian view of God, 
                                                                              The Muslim view of God. In English.


Signs of Prophet Muhammad in the Torah (Tawrah, Tawrat, Taurat, Tavrat).

Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel).





See: Who is God (Allah, Allaah)?

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01B Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/is-allaah-real


See: Who is Jesus (Isa)?

Like every prophet of God, Prophet Jesus (Isa) said another messenger would come after him in the Gospel of John (Injil of John) 14:16, 15:26, 16:7 – 16:15.

Like Prophet Elijah (Elias) who was raised alive into heaven in the Torah (Taurat) so too was Prophet Jesus (Isa) raised alive into heaven in the Gospel (Injil).

The meaning of the son of God (Allah, Allaah) in the Torah (Taurat), Gospel (Injil) and the Quran.

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02B Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/error-of-the-trinity-aa       




See: Who is the Holy Ghost?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

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