4A. Islam and Somalia, An-Nisa (Women) in Arabic.


The Quran.


14 May 2011 CE (1432 AH).

The Quran surah 4 





See: Quran surah 4. Did Jesus (Isa) die on the cross or not?

illegal sexual intercourse by unmarried Muslims.

illegal sexual intercourse adultery by married Muslims.

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See: Quran surah 2 part 2. Index.

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See: God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death for adultery.

The error of stoning to death for adultery. 

How God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death for adultery in the Torah (Taurat), Gospel (Injil) and Quran.

How God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death in the Quran three times.

In the Quran the law for illegal sexual intercourse for unmarried Muslims is Quran 4:15 – 4:18.

In the Quran the law for adultery by married Muslims is Quran 4:25 and 24:1 – 24:2.

Forgiveness for all sins is confirmed in Quran 4:17 – 4:18, 4:110, 25:68 – 25:71. 

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