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Puzzle 6:
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Confounded Compounds: Each of these words is the synonym of a 4-letter word. Pair them up to create 8-letter words. For instance, if you saw "quotation" and "treatise", you could come up with textbook. Warning: These "compound" words are anything but textbook!

  • antiquated, genuine, blemish, harvest, chessman, inlet, chimney, innate, circlet, maiden, classify
  • municipality, completed, obligation, comprehend, oppugn, constraint, pinnacle, discomfort, placed
  • enthusiasm, platter, equitable, pome, fashion, remnant, fellowspoken, forfeitsupplication
  • fulminate, unrestrained

When you think you have an 8-letter word, enter it here. If you're right, it will appear next to the appropriate pair.

Need help? Try dragging the words around to swap their positions. A correct pair will turn green, while a correctly-paired set in the wrong order will turn yellow.