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Puzzle 13:
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Confounded Compounds 2: This is just like the original Confounded Compounds, except that now I'm using nine-letter words, and the components aren't always four letters. But like the last one, the components won't have much relation to the actual word.

  • adorable, lady, affirm, literature, ambulatory, lowfat, barrow, nucleus, castigate, panorama
  • choose, pinnacle, complain, postpone, considering, pronounce, cultivate, raiment, devil
  • reassemble, docket, ringleader, elevated, speculate, entrust, straps, fellow, tessellate
  • frogman, underpays, groove, went on

When you think you have a 9-letter word, enter it here. If you're right, it will appear next to the appropriate pair.

Need help? Try dragging the words around to swap their positions. A correct pair will turn green, while a correctly-paired set in the wrong order will turn yellow.