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Answer to Puzzle 4:
What is puzzle 4? Link Below


Your basic minesweeper rules. Numbers show the number of mines that are within the proximity of that number (Red lines).


 Rules are the same as Standard. You have to manually open empty spaces (Represented by zeros - Circled red). Standard opens the empty area automatically.


Rules are the same as Standard. The board changes with every click and mines migrate to unopened spaces. Opening diagonally (Circled blue) on zeros helps eliminate trapping large groups of mines. (Circled red)


Rules are the same as Standard. Your goal is to figure out the number of adjacent mines represented with a symbol. For the puzzle above; 0 = Olive Alien Figure, 1 = Sky Blue Stealth Bomber, 2 = Brown Diamond, 3 = Pink Axe Thingy.

There might be a pattern behind this but I do not have the time to check it out. Each symbol might have an order over the other. I found 9 symbols (in no particular order) for this puzzle.

- Blue Spade
- Red Heart
- Brown Diamond
- Green Clover
- Teal Anchor
- Orange Helicopter Thingy
- Pink Axe Thingy
- Olive Alien Figure
- Sky Blue Stealth Bomber
* Anyone with official symbol names? : )

Rules are the same as Zeroes. Trick is the number disappears after you click it. You will have to remember the location of the numbers or hover over to reveal the number. Good time to use those flags.


Rules are the same as Zeroes. Instead of the mine adjacency, the number shows the location of the mine in an "L" shape transposition (Movement of a knight in Chess). Circled in red is the selected number and the other numbers show the possible movements for the circled number. Note that 0 means no mines within all those possible "L" movements.

Puzzle 4: