How to resolve the Canon B200 error code Issue?

You get the canon b200 error, we have prepared a list of options for this common printer error. Although Canon recommends some general alternatives, such as turning the printer off and on, we have found more reliable solutions that require working with printheads.

Canon B200 Error Code

We saw this error in mg6320, mp560, mx870, mx922, mp620, mg522, and many other Canon versions. It should be clarified that if canon drivers are not the solution, but if you want the installers to enter here: canon drivers.

Check the following places and see if they work. The blog contains detailed instructions to solve the problem. Remember, however, that analyzing your printer may void your warranty, so the best first step may be to contact Canon technical support.

Step by Step Guide to Resolve the Canon Error B200.

Solving the problems related to solving this error is quite simple. Because Canon printers contain 2 or 4 cartridges, the B200 error update is different for both printers.

Method: 1

  • Open the top cover of your own printer. The capsule holder will automatically raise. Eliminate all capsules from the base.

  • The next step is to remove the printhead, which can be easily achieved by lifting the lever next to the cartridge. After lifting the lever, gently remove the printhead from the printer.

  • In the next step, reinsert the printhead into the printer and remember to lock the lever.

  • Then put all the ink cartridges back into their correct positions in the printer and make sure that the door is not open. Ensuring that closing the door ensures that the printer is ready with all access to the capsules and the printhead.

  • Then Gently unplug the printer cable from the power board and leave it unplugged for at least 5 minutes. This cools the printer and permanent electricity is also removed.

  • Replugged the printer.

  • The last step is to start a cleaning cycle or perform a comprehensive nozzle check. The B200 error usually does not occur if the printer has regular access to the print head.

Method: 2

  • Turn off the printer. The cartridge base is trapped in the B200 error condition. Nevertheless, temporarily re-tuning the printer will fix the B200 error.

  • Turn on the printer again.

  • Error B200 does not indicate exactly the debating cassette. Therefore, you should have a general idea of ​​what contribution you last mentioned. Lightly remove this capsule from the socket.

  • In a Canon two-cartridge printer, the print head is part of the cartridge. This printer has a limitation that cannot be prevented by error B200 without replacing the problem cartridge. To replace the cartridge with an old working cartridge or replace it with a new one.

  • Perform an extensive nozzle check or cleaning cycle. After replacing the cartridge, this is an important step to determine if the desired cartridge has been replaced by the printer.

  • If the problem is still not resolved, replace the other cartridge with a new or older one. Because this Canon printer works with 2 capsules, it is obvious that one of these 2 containers is damaged. Replacing and checking two capsules one by one should solve the problem.

  • If the problem persists after completing all of the above steps to resolve two types of Canon printers, we recommend contacting the Canon Hotline or Printer Technician

Canon printers are known worldwide for simple solutions to problems. Support Code The B200 error is one of the most common errors found on Canon printers. Visit our site for more details and get the instant solution.