"SolQuest nurtures strong, vibrant and healthy community ecosystems by facilitating nature-based education and
training that provides mentorship opportunities and
support for individuals, families and youth."

Adventure Outings

SolQuest events aim to facilitate experiences that are fun, meaningful, and transformative, as a way of supporting the skills and connections our community needs to thrive. We offer a wide variety of events and outings throughout the year, from wilderness skills training and outdoor adventure sports for select ages and genders to Craft Days open to the whole community. For more information visit our Adventure Outings page.

Circle of Men

The SolQuest Circle of Men hold regular meetings and events that explore what it means to be a man in todays society. Participants strive to discover the best man they are capable of being and find the support to work toward being that man. Often this work uncovers deep callings or purpose. We believe that men thrive when they have purpose and direction that makes their work in the world meaningful. For more information visit Circle of Men and Men's Empowerment Circle.