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It's only fair that I introduce the band of miscreants with whom I'm associating. I'm not really any good at taking pictures of people...more to the point, at least when it comes to close friends, I'm generally of the opinion that I already know what they look like, and don't need too many pictures to memorialize the clothes they were wearing that day. It's silly, I know - I DO have fun looking at pictures of people.  It's just that when it comes to shooting pictures, I'm about 300% more likely to take pictures of things.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying that this will be a compilation of people pictures over the course of my trip, and will probably still be shorter than most of the other pages.

 My gracious hostesses, Chris and Rose. Chris is seen here using her fancy-pants camera phone. Rose seems rather unimpressed.

Rosie's older, Ethan, on the left; Christina's C  on the right. They look pretty happy, which usually means they've cooked up a new plan for mischief.

While in San Francisco, we met up with my friend Jill. This picture does not do her justice, but she freaked when I pointed a camera at her, so it's the only one I have.

Christina's two cats, Cocoa and Sky. Hopefully, somewhere I have a picture that reveals the reason for Sky's name - her brilliant blue eyes. But this is clearly not that picture.

This is Oreo doing his entirely unconvincing impression of a well-behaved dog. He belongs to Dale and Caroline , who are Christina's and Rosie's - and Lisa's - haven't seen pictures of them or Lisa, the twins' younger sister, yet. I'm putting these in the order I took them. In fact, I think the only pictures I have of Dale or Caroline were taken by Christina. Not that I don't like them, I just had a mental block and kept forgetting to take a picture of them.

Ethan rocking his hoodie while we enjoy some Quizno's.

Cody fell asleep when we were driving back from our first attempt to get close-up shots of the Buttes. This pose was too cute to ignore.

Rosie and Christina enjoyed the wine tasting.

Whenever I played with Ethan, I would puff air into his face. After a few days, everytime I got close to him he'd flinch and grin before I did anything.

Lisa in the background, her roommate Heather in the fore. This is from the brewery we ate at when we got to Monterey Friday evening. Heather left town after that and we didn't see her again.

Also at the brewery.

Poor Lisa being pulled apart.