California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 7

The Road to Monterey

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On Friday, we drove down to Monterey to visit the twins' younger sister, Lisa. But first, more random pictures! This time of Dale and Caroline's front yard.

 Ok, enough! Let's get on the road!

Surprise, I took a picture of a tree. We haven't even left Yuba City yet.

How cool is this house? It's very near Dale and Caroline's, so I saw it early in the trip, but I kept forgetting to get my camera out in time to catch it.

Strawberry fields forever...

This storage area in Yuba City had all sorts of plastic animal figures in the lot out front, and I think on the left is a duct tape meteor. Christina said they put new weird stuff out every month. I wonder whose shed is getting raided.

Some river we crossed as we were leaving town. I didn't catch its name. 

 I almost didn't catch this sculpture. It would have been a good shot if not for the smudge on the window, but I didn't have time to put the window down; I barely got my camera ready fast enough as it was.

The weather was nice for the drive.

Another river. A bigger one.

 I would like to know what these tanks are for.

Someone was flying a radio-controlled plane.

"What"Arts"LTD". Limited? Hm. Defacement of private property as advertising? This is a hand dryer in a gas station restroom. I've never seen the double inverted comma used in quite this way.

Pretty clouds.

Once we got into Monterey, we had dinner at a microbrewery.

I've read enough Douglas Adams to recognize a cricket wicket when I see one.

Their menu.  The important bit, anyway.

My first selection.

 After dinner, we went out to the campsite nearby where Dale and Caroline were staying in their pop-up camper.


Pretty sky. My favorite shots of the day. What a difference manually adjusting the white balance can make!

That's it for Day 7! Coming soon, more of Monterey!