California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 6

A Walk Along the Levee

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On Thursday, Rose, her two sons, and I drove out to a nearby levee to go for a walk.

 More peach trees. There are a lot of orchards around the area.

When the other three walls fell down, I guess they felt it was extra important to prop up the last one. Actually, this is some sort of historical marker, but I never did find out what its significance was.

Occasionally, along the levee are these pipes that run down into the water, I ken not why. But I risked life and limb to get this picture. Ok, not life. And probably not limb. But I did risk my camera; getting the right angle involved holding it rather precariously above and behind me. I also risked a fine - the signs were very clear on that point.

More trees, and more Buttes. I'm nothing if not predictable.

Along part of the levee, no one is allowed to walk off of the path because it is a protected habitat for beetles of some sort. I actually don't remember if this is in that section, but this is what that section looked like. Apparently beetles who like rocks need protecting. Can't we all just like whomever we want?

NIce yard!

Of course, it's probably pretty easy to keep a nice yard when you're next to that much water.

I really didn't do as good a job as I'd hoped capturing the stagnant look of the water in this reservoir.

Aw, these two trees like each other!

Rosie and I came up with competing theories about these boxes (though I can't remember which was mine). One was that there's a beekeeper somewhere around. The other is that they're cardboard, and full of incriminating government paperwork, left to the elements to destroy any chance of accountability.

That's all the pictures from the levee! Now here are two of cool things in Christina's yard...

She never ran this fountain while I was there.

I like wolves.

That's it for Day 6!