California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 5

A Rainout and Wine Tasting 

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On Wednesday afternoon, we tried to drive to the Butte mountain range so I could get some closer pictures. 

 On the way there. Notice how much darker it got between those two shots?

Really dark now! That's all I managed to get before it started raining. Drat! Although it did let up on the drive back...

Allowing me to get an image of one of the many rice paddies. They're a brilliant yellow-green, which I didn't do a great job of capturing here.

That evening, we went to an event sponsored by the city called Wine 101. We were excited to be learning about wine tasting! But as it turned out we didn't learn much. There wasn't much talk about comparing years, or wines from different countries, or how to properly take in the bouquet. It was basically "Here's some good wine. Drink it. And by the way, it's available for purchase." Too be fair, it WAS good wine. At least to someone who signed up for Wine 101.

And yummy snacks. Sorry for the graininess - no flash, remember?

The host pouring me a glass. You can also see the form we were given to jot our own notes about the wine.

See the wine running down the side of the glass? When you swirl the glass, the residue left that runs down back into the wine is called the "legs." The slower it runs, the higher the alcohol content. I spent the whole night trying to get a good shot of it, and apparently, didn't have to. This was my very first attempt. Also, after learning this, when we were served the next glass I said "Check out the gams on this one!" No one at my table knew what I was talking about. I was born in the wrong decade.

Some of the wines had nifty labels.

Another shot showing the "legs" of a wine (my only other reasonably successful attempt, out of about 20 shots).

More wine labels at the store our host ran.

That's it for Day 5. Hooray for the despeckle tool, without which one of these shots would have been, well, even more speckeled! Can you figure out which?