California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 4

A Walk in (actually, to) the Park, and Grass Valley

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Tuesday morning, Christina and I walked to the park, while Cody rode his Big-Wheels-type plastic tricycle-y thing. Trees trees trees! California has lots of pretty trees, and it turned out Christina's neighborhood had several good examples.

See those sprinklers? Yeah, apparently water conservation isn't nearly as popular over there as you might think. Restaurants even use water mists to keep their outside eating areas cool. Of course, that would never work in Georgia because of the humidity.

 I saw this in the park and couldn't help but laugh. It would never even occur to people in Georgia to stake a pine tree to make sure it grows straight. We'd be grateful for the excuse to unroot it!

 And then I saw why it did occur to people in California. Even the pine trees are prettier there!

Young peach trees, maybe? I'm really not sure. Despite my new apparent obsession with trees, I'm no botanist.

Someone left their shoes on a transformer, or whatever those curbside boxes are. It was a sufficiently weird and random sight to warrant a photograph on our return journey. I felt I'd gotten enough shots of trees.

Later in the day, Rosie, Ethan, Lance, and I drove up to Grass Valley, an old mining town very near to where the twins lived when they were young.

A pretty little church the twins attended when they were little. We parked in its parking lot. It didn't mind.


 The lawn in front of the church.

Oh, yeah, I didn't mention this. It's the oldest Episcopal church building in California.

The front.

A neat little alcove on the front of the church.

There was some pretty stained glass inside. That's all I was able to take pictures of because of my lack of flash. At least, with my camera. I took a couple with Rosie's, but she hasn't sent them to me yet.

In case you felt like the plaque wasn't informative, here's a sign instead.

And the obligatory macro shot of a pretty flower. This is the only one I took the entire trip; I think that should count for something.

Our first stop was a music store with a melted record for a sign.

An oxygen bar? In California?! I was shocked! Shocked I say!

 A modernist building for a theater right on the edge of a downtown intent on maintaining its old-town feeling.

A suggestive sign...

For a barber shop.

I would have liked to have seen this in real life.

Creepiest. Mannequin. Ever.

Sign over a pub.

I was not the only admirer of this bike; it drew comment from several passers-by. I believe I was the only one to almost get hit by a car crossing the street just to take a picture of it, though.

Yard maintenance includes the kiddy pool, people!

Sunset on the drive home.

That's it for Day 4!