California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 2

San Francisco - the Bay, the Golden Gate, and Sausolito

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 Be forewarned. San Francisco is full of great views, and I took shots of as many as I could.  See that scroll bar to your right? Yeah, there are a ton of pictures on this page.

The view from a rest stop. A rest stop!

The Bay Bridge, which is how we came in. This picture is taken from the Ferry Building, where we met up with Jill.

Also from the Ferry Building. Ferris wheel! We didn't ride it.

From the Ferry Building, Chris and Rose walked with their boys to Fisherman's Wharf, because they couldn't take Lance's stroller onto the trolley. Jill and I took a cable car. I took many many pictures.

Cablecar! I'm about to ride one of these! Whee!

The GAP Flagship building is right next to the cablecar turnaround point.

There were some neat buildings along the way.

 Neat streets, too.

And towards the end of the ride, a neat panorama of the city. 

 The trolley ride brings you to one side of Fisherman's Wharf. This is the Balclutha, an 1800's trading vessel.

Alcatraz seen from Fisherman's Wharf.

There were a ton of sailboats in the harbor. If I were to end up living in a sailboat in the Bay Area,  well, let's just say you wouldn't hear me complaining.

The Pyramid (the large funny-shaped tower dominating the background) as seen from Fisherman's Wharf. Jill referred to it several times before realizing I had no idea what she was talking about. Apparently it's very well-known.

Chocolate. Yum.

A final view of the city from Fisherman's Wharf.

And back to the Ferry Building.

I wish I'd thought to pack my kites! I have a triplane that I've never flown. Oh well, how can you predict a kite festival?

The Golden Gate in the background here. We near our next goal!

Did I mention that there were a lot of sailboats in the Bay?

The final approach...

We're on the bridge!!!

And now we're across!

Assorted views from across the Bay.  We stopped at a very full rest stop to get these.  From there we crossed the highway and drove up a very windy road to part of an old military base.

Here's the bridge and the city from up around that old base.

The trees in the old base area were pretty. Man, I'm kind of hung up on trees, I guess.

 To enter the base grounds from the road, you have to walk through large concrete tunnels.  At either end are rooms, also all concrete, and totally unlit. There was some neat graffiti in there.  Unfortunately, my camera's flash is broken, so my options were either to prolong the exposure or lose the color. I didn't have a tripod.

A couple of views of the landscape from the old base. You can see a touch of the Pacific here.

And now we finally get a real view of the ocean, and not just the bay.  Unfortunately, I was a bit overzealous in trying to get rid of the sun's glare off the water, so the land turned out too dark.  But it still gives something of an impression of the view.  The fog was obscuring the horizon, so you couldn't see exactly where sky met water.

 Final shots of San Francisco from across the bay. Now you see the city, the bay, and the ocean all in one shot.

Crossing the Golden Gate brings you into Sausolito. It's pretty.

Pretty isn't the only quality that makes for an interesting view. This is just a random building we saw on the way home. Sorry for the graininess, but it's a simple result of a shot being taken in the evening from a rapidly moving car. I'm lucky I got anything visible out of it.

And that was my trip to San Francisco. It was a great place. I really wasn't kidding about living in a boat there, either. It's not something I'm going to do right now, but I'm starting to research it.