California Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful: Day 1

Beale Falls 

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California, at least the part of it I'm visiting, is stunningly beautiful. The last (and only other) time I was here, I didn't have the chance to see much. The same cannot be said about this trip.

My first day here, we drove up to a nature walk that leads to Beale Falls. We didn't make it that far - we had three kids in tow. But we did get some pretty awesome views along the way. Here are my poor facsimiles thereof.

 After traveling down a gravel path, we come to the first hurdle - a rather rickety bridge. Actually, it didn't feel at all unstable. But it looked it all the same.

At several points along the drive, we saw areas where brush fires had swept through. I don't know whether they were intentional. Update: Chris says they mostly are.

I just thought this tree was neat. Actually, very many of the trees here are neat. I probably feel that way in part because I come from a land where pine trees dominate the landscape. More on that in Day 4.

Even the dead trees are neat!

Along the walk.  I think of this area as a swimming hole (that's what I named the files) but really only because on both the outward and inward portions of the walk, a guy with us said it would be a good swimming hole. It really wouldn't, since the steep bank and dense foliage would make getting to the water difficult, and getting out again damn near impossible.

I'm really pleased with this shot. It was taken after climbing over several rocks in the middle of the stream and risking soaking myself along with my camera. I had time, since we stopped here. The guy mentioned earlier went swimming. But this is not the swimming hole.

That's the last of the pictures for Day 1. We walked a little further, but not much.  We hit a karaoke bar that night.  By strange coincidence, right around the time our group started singing, all the other patrons left. Basically, the only reason the bar stayed open is because we kept drinking. I sang:
Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles
Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson
and Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks.
Notice a theme there? I didn't mean there to be, I just picked songs I liked (actually, I didn't even pick the last one).  Anyway, there are no pictures, because karaoke is embarassing enough without the threat of recorded evidence. Someone did video part of the Garth Brooks bit, but as long as my luck holds that video will never make it to the Internet.


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