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Solo Squares
We are primarily a singles club founded in 1960 but now membership is open to everyone who graduates from a plus level class.
We dance at the following location the 2nd (PLUS level) and 4th ( Plus level or Student Level from January to student graduation time ) Friday of each month:
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
276 E. Bagley Rd,
Which is on the corner of Eastland and Bagley
Dances times are   
07:30 to 10:00 PM
2012 - 2013 Club officers
 President  Bob Davis  (440)376-6899
 Vice President Eric Toth  (440)582-9719
 Recording Secretary Norm Ostroske  (216)741-5454
 Corresponding Secretary Patricia Kilbane      (216)251-4222
 Treasurer Frank Walters  (216)28-15186
 Asst. Treasurer Lore Lobuda  
 Members-at-Large Betty Clay  
 Member-at-Large Joan Strifler  
Webmaster - Bob Davis - Email: solo.square.dance.club@gmail.com
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Updated on 10/14/2012