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The Solon Master Plan calls for Pedestrian and Bike Friendly amenities as opportunities arise.  This item is mentioned in the Central Retail District Future Plan as Item 10 (and 12) of page 210/211.  The links, page numbers etc may change as the MasterPlan is updated.

A rails to trails is recommended using the N&S railway, but the WL&E right of way is not even mentioned.  The WL&E is already vacated and owned by the City of Solon, the N&S is not.  It is for this reason that I propose the Master Plan be updated to reflect the WL&E opportunity,  See the sidebar links for more information.

The MasterPlan can be found here http://solonohio.org/index.aspx?NID=272 , the CRD can be found here http://solonohio.org/DocumentView.aspx?DID=557 .  This is an excerpt from the online MasterPlan dated 2011.

10. INSTALL PEDESTRIAN/BICYCLE LANES AND PATHS WITHIN THE CRD AS OPPORTUNITIES ARISE - It is recommended that pedestrian/bicycle lanes and paths be provided within in the Central Retail District in order to promote a more pedestrian friendly environment. Particular focus should be given to providing pedestrian/bicycle lanes along the major arterials of SOM Center Road, Aurora Road, Solon Road and Bainbridge Road. As accommodating these lanes will require the acquisition of significant areas of right-of-way within substantially developed areas, it is likely that a combined strategy of right-of-way acquisition through redevelopment opportunities, negotiation, and eminent domain will be necessary. It is likely that the City will need to commit to a long-term strategy of piecemeal right of way/easement acquisitions, as opportunities arise, in order to realize this goal.

It is also recommended that the City pursue the installation of multipurpose paths along the Norfolk Southern Railroad right-of-way within the “CRD”. While a “rails-to-trails” strategy is preferable, a “rails-and-trails” approach is acceptable. Various access points connecting the proposed railroad trail system to prominent points within the “CRD” are recommended. Recommended access points include the Old Aurora Road right-ofway, the Fire Station #2 site, and the old train station building (33200 Bainbridge Road) within the Historic District. The railroad trail system within the CRD should be extended to the adjacent areas to the east and west as feasible. This project will require the cooperation of the Norfolk Southern Railroad. A regional approach towards achieving this goal is advisable – this would involve the cooperative, organized efforts of the various communities through which the Norfolk Southern right of way passes.

12. REMOVE/REPLACE NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILROAD BRIDGE - It is recommended that the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge, located south of SOM/Bainbridge intersection area, be removed and that the depression of SOM Center Road within the bridge area be brought up to grade. However, should the Norfolk Southern right-of-way be converted to pedestrian/bicycle trail use (See Item 10, above), it is recommended that funding be sought to construct a new pedestrian bridge in this area in order to facilitate safe access across SOM Center Road. This recommended project will be contingent upon securing the approval of the Norfolk Southern Railroad, which to date (2009), has been unwilling to vacate this right of way.

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