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Directions will be posted soon. Notes: the dates of these tournaments are prone to change. Bolded tournaments are overnight tournaments.

John Carroll Policy Debate PDQ (only policy debaters) 

Laurel School Novice Tournament (only for first year members)

Rocky River High School (all events)

Perry High School (two days for debate, Saturday only for IE)

Lincoln West High School (all events)

Miami Univesity (all events, overnight)

Mentor High School (all events)

Boardman High School (overnight, no policy debate)

Vermilion High School (all events)

Highland High School (all events)

Canfield High School (no policy debate)

Sylvania High School (all events; overnight tournament)

University School/Laurel Tournament (two days all events)

Solon High School (all events)

State Qualifier at Berea High School (AKA "Littles")

October 18-19

October 19

October 26

November 1-2

November 9

November 15-16 

November 23

December 6-7

December 14

December 21

January 4

January 10-11

January 17-18

January 25

February 1