Dear Cuyahoga County Resident:


Know what that is? It's the sound of a razor-sharp, made-to-kill arrow as it zips across your lawn, maybe past your kid's head as he plays with the dog, and sticks in your back door.

Ohio residents are sick of seeing wounded deer impaled with arrows running through their neighborhoods - sickened by discovering dead deer in their backyards and tired of hunters trespassing on their properties.

On November 2, 2010 Ohio residents sent a message to hunters and municipal decision makers with two victorious referendums in Broadview Hts. and Ottawa Hills OH. Ohio citizens are angry and will no longer tolerate hunting in their neighborhoods.

Deer Defenders and In Defense of Animals have stepped up to the plate in an effort to stop the bloodshed and safety risks in our neighborhoods. Please make sure to keep a camera handy for documentation that will aid authorities in an arrest.