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Net and Bolt

The Reality of Net and Bolt
An explosive charge propels nets over a group of deer, tossing them in the air and ensnaring them. They thrash around, crying out in fear and panic as they are shot in the head with metal bolts. (Undercover footage by SHARK)


Proponents killing deer by rocket net and captive bolt claim the  deer are not stressed, and don't struggle much during the process. This video proves that to be a lie.

Video produced by Steve Hindi of S.H.A.R.K.


Another form of lethal management already approved by your Solon City Council years ago as a possible future tool at their disposal. 
In smaller areas, nets are dropped rather than shot, or cages are utilized. The struggling animal is rarely killed with the first shot of the metal bolt to their head, as can be attested to by the Solon Animal Warden, Greg Miller. He operates a local business offering these specialized services.

You can find the following eyewitness account, and more information, at the following:


Eyewitness Account 

NAN RICHARDSON - as told to citizens at a public meeting in December 2005

I would like to share my personal experience with you regarding the trap & captive bolt method of killing deer. I was just like all of you sitting here this evening, just a regular citizen, not an activist or advocate for anything.

A few years ago an acquaintance of mine explained in gory detail the procedure used with captive bolt. It was hard to believe what I was hearing. This sounded like some medieval torture device. I thought surely she must be mistaken or exaggerating because this was, after all, the 21st century and we are a civilized society. I believed that no one would allow such a cruel and barbaric practice.

I had to be sure that what I had just heard was true, so I contacted a customer of mine who had an animal nuisance business. I asked if I could go along with him and observe exactly what happens with the trap & bolt: if it really was as horrific as described to me I had to see for myself. I needed to be well informed if I was going to fight this atrocity.

The licensed nuisance control person was very hesitant in allowing me to see what he did. He warned me that this could be emotionally traumatic and said he always took great efforts to keep this far from the public’s view. Children were of an even greater concern. Because of this he said he always covered the trap with a tarp.

I finally convinced him to allow me to go. We set the date, and I mentally tried to prepare myself for what I might see. As I soon discovered, nothing could have prepared me. Once we arrived at our destination, a private residence in a suburb of Cleveland, I saw a beautiful doe caught in the clover trap. Deer are wild animals and are not accustomed to human contact, so as we approached her it became obvious that her being trapped was causing significant distress. 

She jumped up and began to cry. She sounded exactly like a human baby. I’ll never forget that sound.  She was frantic. Her natural instinct was to flee. She could not, which only compounded her extreme fright and misery. She then began to throw herself against the cage violently. She banged her head against the cage again and again in attempts to escape, all the while screaming. I will never ever forget what I saw next.

She flipped over backwards and fell to the ground. It looked as if her eyes had exploded in her head. She had a fatal heart attack. She was literally scared to death. The licensed expert told me this does happen sometimes even before he can finish the job with the captive bolt. I had seen enough and was glad I was spared viewing anymore horror and cruelty.

The experienced, licensed expert then dragged the poor doe to his truck as if he were hauling trash to the curb. At this point I was sick to my stomach and raging at all who were responsible for this cruelty and torment. They use all kinds of excuses to substantiate torturing wildlife and the overseers and officials, such as municipal governments and Division of Wildlife Officers, use sanitized words to disguise the truth and fool the public into believing that this repulsive cruelty is humane and quick.

All I know is this doe was crying out for her life, for mercy, and I could do nothing. She suffered a horrific death despite having escaped the barbaric steel spike driven through her skull. She lost her life for a crime WE have committed against nature. All the innocent, helpless deer are doing is trying to survive.

They are not being euthanized. This is an inappropriate and misleading term when speaking about the trap & bolt. Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning “good death.” I can assure you that this is in no way a good or humane death and I know that if you had witnessed what I did, if you had seen those eyes that held such terror and were begging for mercy, it would haunt you forever as it will me.