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This page will describe who the major people are in Solon relating to this topic.

Mayor Susan Drucker is in favor of restoring the Deer Mgt Program.  She has stated that this will be a "comprehensive program" that will include non-lethal alternatives.  She however will not have a vote on the matter.

Safety Committee - chaired by Bill Russo will handle the preliminary discussions of any deer management program.  Russo is a strong supporter of killing deer and has tightly controlled comments on this subject.  Other members include Vice Mayor Ed Kraus and Councilman Rick Bell.

Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek - will be in charge of implementation details.  As a hunter he favors killing deer.  Stanek retired abruptly at the end of the year 2011 and is now Service Director in Bainbridge.  His former asst, Dave Hromco has been brought back from retirement on a part time basis to "manage" the culling.  You will have to leave a voicemail to reach him, he does have a city email but doesn't check it everyday as he is part time.

Police Chief Chris Viland - will be charged with authorizing the killing and responsible for the public's safety from the hunters.

Animal Warden Greg Miller - has various responsibilities in counting deer to determine if there are too many.

Council - will vote on what type of deer management will be done.  See attached Ward Map on the bottom of the this page.

Voters - will
ultimately decide whether to allow unsafe lethal methods in the city through the ballot imitative. Unfortunately over 60% of the voters did not understand there are viable alternatives to lethal methods, but despite the nearly 40% of the voters who did understand, the city still hasn't respected their vote and implemented a truly comprehensive plan, see the Solon Wants Better tab.

 Name      Photo  Phone

 Mayor Drucker
 PW Stanek    349-6730 
 Dave Hromco    349-6730 
 Chief Viland
 Animal Warden Miller    
 Council Clerk     349-6740 
 C1 - Richard Bell   552-6800 
 C2 - Bob Pelunis 
 C3 - Toni Richmond 
 C4 - Bill Mooney 
 C5 - Nancy Meany 
 C6 - Ed Kraus 
 C7 - Bill Russo 

See BetterSolon pages and subpages for more details.

In Dec 2011, a new Ward Map based on the 2010 census will cause many people to have a different councilman, the new 2012 ward is posted below.

Solon Deer,
Feb 18, 2012, 4:40 PM
Solon Deer,
Mar 25, 2011, 9:33 PM