The Costumes

Chewbacca is one of the more challenging Star Wars costumes. Unlike Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper, the nature of the costume requires that most of it be hand made; there is no fast or easy way to reproduce the majority of the suit.

Fortunately, thanks to the countless Wookiee builders who have contributed to this guide over the years, there is more information on building a Chewie suit than probably any other Star Wars costume. On this page you will find an extensive collection of reference photos of the screen-used costumes and props, as well as facts and information about how the original suits were built. You will also find extensive tutorials for all major components, often with diagrams, schematics, and patterns. Links to all known tutorials are also available.

When you begin building your suit, I recommend you connect with other Wookiee builders and regularly post pictures of your progress. As helpful as this page is, it doesn’t compare to the advice of experienced costumers. While there have been a number of Wookiee related costuming forums and groups in the past, the most active is Docking Bay 94, the Rebel Legion’s smuggler costuming detachment. Virtually all Wookiee costumers past and present are active participants of that forum.

These pages contain everything you need to know about building a Chewbacca costume, broken down by their major components.