Learn to Dive

We do not charge for training, it is just one of the benefits of your membership. We make a free loan to you of all of the equipment necessary to get you started. 
You will however have to purchase a training pack containing your student notes, Qualification Record Book, Diving Manual & certification documentation. The current price for this is £43. 

All training, instruction & lectures are carried out by experienced divers/instructors to BSAC standards. In-water instruction starts in the shallow waters of our swimming pool.

Before committing yourself you might
like to book a "Try Dive" experience.

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    Qualified Divers

We are a BSAC club but welcome divers from all affiliations. Non BSAC divers are free to dive with us under cover of their existing qualifications without further formal training if they so wish. 

Alternatively they can "cross over" and continue to train in the BSAC system. All arrangements are naturally subject to review & agreement by our Diving Officer.


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