Local Solihull Handyman

It's the odd jobs and home repairs that don't get done which drive
A local handyman in Solihull
you mad!

Are you fed up with waiting too long to have that shelf put up, kitchen painted, light fitted, furniture assembled, garden sorted or flooring fitted?... anything else?

Do you want to fit the big screen TV, but want it fitted correctly. Are you confused with the cables and where they should go to get the best out of your equipment?

Perhaps you have been promised that all these things will get done, but you are still waiting.

Whatever it is, if you are relatively local and just need some help getting it done without paying out a small fortune then I am here for you.

I charge reasonable rates for a top notch job and all my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. I can even help you with supply, collection,  removal  &  greener recycling solutions.

Anything from changing lightbulbs to fully automated electronic controlled audio and visual installations.

I can't list everything that I do, as I can do most things, but to give you an idea, following is a list of jobs that I have undertaken for local clients recently.
  • Full kitchen refitment
  • Installed a full surround sound system and hid the cables
  • Fitted a projector for home cinema with surround sound in a client's bedroom
  • Built a large shed in a garden and laid the 10" thick concrete slab
  • Fitted a cat flap
  • Sorted out speakers in a bathroom linked to their existing hi-fi
  • Repainted a hallway, stairway, landing, bedrooms,  living room and kitchen
  • Adjusting a door so it doesn't rub on the floor
  • Fitted laminate flooring for customers
  • Boarded out a loft
  • Removed, refurbished, re-oiled and re-fitted all 16 interior doors for a customer
  • Fitted a bedroom ceiling mirror!
  • Weatherprofed a large garden fence in a beloved garden (brushed not sprayed!)
  • Fitted industrial racking at a steel stockholders
  • Fitted interactive smartboards in meeting rooms & schools. (Qualified smartboard engineer)
  • Fitted book shelving in a customer's hallway and kitchen
  • Arranged lighting, fireworks, lasers, karaoke system, outside marquee's and disco for a few 40th birthday parties!
  • Fitted new UPVC windows in a customer's house
  • supplied & replaced "foggy" double glazing panes
  • Racked out a garage for storage
  • Supplied a hog roast for an outdoor party
  • Fitted CCTV to keep an eye on a customer's car
  • Fitted a new washing machine and tumble dryer
  • Building a large monitored dog kennel
  • Fixed a broken bed
  • Assembled lots of flat pack furniture
  • Replaced a kitchen sink
  • Fixed a broken light
  • Full AV system and games consoles hidden into a modified unused fireplace,  fitted behind custom smoked glass.  Kidproof!
  • Fitted a music system so every room in the house had a access to their music & individual speakers
  • Constructed a vegetable patch & long term raised beds  in a customer's gardens
  • Mowed more than a few lawns, clipped the bushes, weeding and planting of shrubs &  trees,  repaired or replaced damaged fence panels & posts
  • Supplied & installed indoor (leakfree!) hydroponic growing systems for specialist plant growers  
  • buildup / re-landscaped a garden to flat & returf
  • fitted decking, arranged a garden water feature and new rockery including lighting

... and many more things. 

Often it's the little things that need doing that just don't get done.  I'm here to offer my services to help you resolve your outstanding issues.

No job is too small, or too silly. Whatever you need doing I can probably help.

If you need a handyman in Solihull, or in any of the areas covered here, just give me a call, or send me an email and we can start sorting these things out for you... once and for all. No pressure, no hassle, no problem.