Trieste  June 16-18th, 2014

Solid Math

A view of Piazza Unità from Molo Audace

Mathematical research in solid state and condensed matter physics has led to a significant improvement of our understanding of the structural aspects of matter, as well as to the development of new materials with specifically engineered properties. Interactions between mathematical and theoretical physics have been particularly fruitful in this area: think e.g. to the geometric and topological aspects of solutions of Schrödinger equation, or to the quantum many body theory of nanomaterials and topological insulators.

The forthcoming meeting will gather together some of the most prominent experts in condensed matter physics, both from the mathematical and the theoretical physics side. We aim to discuss the most recent hot topics and theoretical tools developed in the area. 

The selection of topics will include: 
  • localization of electrons in periodic solids, Wannier functions 
  • quantum transport and disordered solids 
  • quantum computation and topological insulators, Majorana fermions 
  • cold atoms 

Emphasis will be given to the discussion of the theoretical techniques used to model and treat these systems, such as adiabatic and semiclassical methods, geometric and topological methods, effective Hamiltonians, functional integrals and their perturbative and non-perturbative treatment.

Invited Speakers
Joseph Avron [Haifa]    
Horia Cornean [Aalborg]    
Michele Correggi [Rome]    
Wojciech De Roeck [Leuven]    
Gian Michele Graf [Zurich]    
Arthur Jaffe [Harvard]    
Elliot Lieb [Princeton]    
   Daniel Loss [Basel]
   Markus Müller [Trieste]
   Raffaele Resta [Trieste]
   Hermann Schulz-Baldes [Erlangen]
   Robert Seiringer [Vienna]
   Stefan Teufel [Tübingen]
   Andrea Trombettoni [Trieste]