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[05.13.2007] - Our latest Flash project has a new name! What once was iso.man is now sprite.life. We also have a new version of the sprite.life engine that is still in the "proof of concept" stages, but there are some interesting developments we're proud of in this version:

  • Multiple rooms allows us to build larger environments
  • Interactivity of images lets us embed links to sites on the web [see 3pm image in game]
  • Transparent tiles allow us to have windows and other glass-like objects in the environments
So, check out the sprite.life beta and stay tuned for more on the progress of this pretty cool new pocketable world.

[04.30.2007] - New iso.man demos are up! There's a 400x240 version and an 800x480 version, which both work on the 770 and N800 tablets. We're probably going to continue work in the 800x480 version to see how many elements can be displayed on the screen at once. We hope to make this a long term project for the Internet Tablets, and will have more news on it's progress as it grows.

[04.29.2007] - We've just added our flash.lab page where you can check out the progress of our Flash development projects as well as some other useful resources related to Flash. We'll also be adding all our demos there as well.

[04.25.2007] - And so it begins... Our journey into the realm of Flash content for Internet Tablets is off to a start, and we've already got some simple yet cool demos for you to check out:
Ball | Cars | Fader Menu | Star Field
We will of course have more advanced and complete works available soon...

[04.16.2007] - It's been a while, we know. quick.launch is still more like mercury splashed all over the place than solid gold at the moment, and we're thinking about refocusing our efforts to working with other programing language options. Time hasn't really been on our side when working on our projects lately, and we're not the type to give up too easily either, but because there's now a coupleapplications that are quite similar to the quick.launch concept out there already, we plan on moving to some other projects that have been scratching at our brains for a while. So, please have patience and stay with us, we're just getting started...

[01.23.2007] - It's taking us a bit longer than we expected to get quick.launch completed, but we're making progress never the less. Meanwhile, we've got some new backgrounds and themes to check out.

[01.13.2007] -Want a new look for your 770? We've got some themes for you in the themes.and.backgrounds section. Let us know what you think, and feel free to request other colors too. Have fun!  :)

[01.06.2007] - We've got some new backgrounds to play around with for your Internet Tablets. We're working on some more and some themes as well. Enjoy.

[01.01.2007] - Happy New Year. solid.gold.code has officially launched! We've started working on our first application for the Internet Tablet, quick.launch. This is our first Maemo application and it may take some time to get in the rhythm of Maemo development, so please be patient with our progress speed. We also have some other great ideas that we want to bring to the platform in the future. Stay tuned...