What is a Skill Share?

A Skill Share is simply a space set aside for learning from our friends and community members.  Everyone has valuable skills to teach and the curiosity to keep learning new things.  The Skill Share allows anyone the opportunity to share knowledge, information, and/or resources with others in an area they are passionate about.  

When and where is this happening?

This Skill Share will take place outside the Worcester Youth Center, weather permitting on the same day as the Solidarity Economy Conference--July 23, 2011.

Is there a cost to participate? 

No--the Skill Share is free and open to the public.  Additionally, those who facilitate a Skill Share workshop will receive $5 off conference admission.  

How does it work?

Below you will see our current schedule of workshops.  Just e-mail Adrienne at alapierre@clarku.edu to sign up for an open time slot.  Workshops can be 1/2 hour or 1 hour long.  

What kinds of workshops are appropriate?   

Anything you're interested in!  However, please remember that workshops will be held outside, weather permitting.  And any special equipment necessary for the workshop MUST be provided by the participant.  Questions about workshop content, set-up, etc. can be directed to Adrienne at alapierre@clarku.edu.

Can I charge money for my workshop?

In order to enable broad participation, we are asking that all workshops be offered for free.  However, if the workshop involves making something (e.g., pickles, a rain barrel, etc.) presenters can feel free to offer the finished product for exchange at the Barter Market.  Also, Worcester Time Trade members can be compensated in time credits for the time they spend facilitating a workshop. 

What if I want to make handouts or copies to supplement my workshop?

That's no problem, in fact we encourage these kinds of takeaways!  E-mail Adrienne at alapierre@clarku.edu, and we will make arrangements to have copies made for you at no charge. 

Can I sign up to host a workshop on the day of the event?

Any remaining open spaces will be available for impromptu workshops.  However, we cannot guarantee that space will be available, so we encourage anyone who is interested to sign up now!

How many people can I expect to attend a workshop?

There is really no way of knowing.  A workshop that starts out small may grow as people wander over from other areas of the Solidarity Economy Bazaar and the conference.  We ask that presenters remain flexible and open-minded about attendance.
  However, you are free to set a maximum or minimum number of participants, and to offer a second workshop later in the day if too many people show up at one time.

What happens if it rains?

We are working hard to obtain tents for use in bad weather, and we will have a limited amount of space within the Youth Center for workshops in the event of rain.  Although every effort will be made, it is possible that not all workshops will be accommodated.