...an IDSA Design Learning Challenge

Primary motivation behind this Design Learning Challenge project was the lack of awareness about the field of Industrial Design that I (and many others I have encountered, once in the field) have experienced.

Secondary motivation came from my experience as a former dance educator whose work focused heavily on integrating dance into core curriculum classes. Through working on this Design Learning Challenge and taking a class in Design Education this semester it was evident that when reflecting back on prior interdisciplinary work, there were elements of design thinking that would translate well for this project. It was also prevalent that the majority of teachers were not exploring the application and implementation of this type of learning to its full potential.

An idea was born...

The idea for the Sole Stories Workshop was born out of a discussion with my mentor, D'Wayne Edwards back in June 2011. In a conversation we had, we found these similarities: 1) there tends to be unpredicted learning of the field of industrial design 2) the realization that some educators fail to do their job well and 3) holding on to one's prior experiences to enhance his or her current situation.

In January 2012, I read about IDSA Design Learning Challenge through the IDSA monthly newsletter. The idea for creating a workshop integrating design and education, had a place to evolve. As a former arts educator, I reached out to a former colleague about working together on this project.

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