Superficial*-Inbetween Day

By SoleilSmile

Greetings Superficial Darlings!

You have reached the Nami stories of the Superficial Universe. They are not very serious, yet they are full of conflict--of the relationship kind! Nami is the protagonist in this series as she battles the "difficult" people in her life, namely Klashka. Think of the two of them as a twisted Betty and Veronica--except there ain't nothin' true blue about this Betty and my Ronnie won't put up with any of her crap!


I do hope you have fun! Also, I strongly recommend you read on with Port and Caramellos in hand.


Mmmm Have Fun!

P.S. My apologies to any Archie fans or owners who may have been offended by my editorial.
Love me? Hate me? Let's GO!