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"Mailteam" Works 

"Mailteam" works", Please go:
Rally and Demonstration Pictures
Below is a brief for mailteam works before Jan 2008
8 Jan 08 January, USA National Stalking Awareness Month!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2900.entry
7 Dec 07 "Mailteam works"--Victims work trends!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2737.entry
(1) Good suggestions of making our activists more effective.
(2)USA victim Donald M. Friedman "The Lawsuit is Very Active!!!"
(3)FFCHS is starting the lawsuit process by initiating a case analysis from National Legal Professional
Associates (NLPA)
(5) A letter from Pamela Farnsworth calls to write to:
Melanie Sloan
Executive Director
Citizens for Responsibility and
Ethics in Washington
1400 Eye Street NW, Suite 450
Washington, D.C. 20005
(6) Ted Bundy
(7) "Mailteam" is preparing to publish A book of Victims stories If victims who want their stories to be
published in this book, please write to as soon as possible.
(8) A signed letter by china victims to China government and public has already send to many email
addresses. Victims who want to add their name to this letter, please contact  Mr. Zhongqing  Qi 
1 Nov 07 "Mailteam" works--Victims work trends!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2624.entry
(1) Senator Joe Biden is interested in assisting us if he can.  As requested, please send Evidence,
Testimony's or any information you have about our issues via regular mail to-
Mr. Sean McPherson
Office of Senator Joe Biden
201 Russel - Senate office Building
Washington D.C. 20510 USA
(2) ANNOUNCEMENT FROM GINA ROMANO of The Edge who interviewed victims
(3) A letter FROM JANIS--we need to remember that we can fight back
(6) Netherlands Victim Peter Mooring has placed some ads in major newspapers
In the Netherlands ad was placed in 3 major newspapers:  Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad,
Trouw: 27-10-2007, 20-10-2007 1in3mini advertenties, 1,4 miljoen readers: Diversen/Politiek.
(7)  A letter from Rep Jim Guest
(8) Great new from Derrick Robinson
(9) A letter from Russian Victim Alla Petukhova, web: 
28 Oct 07 "Mailteam" works--Conference all with USA Rep. Jim Guest!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2596.entry
8 Oct 07 "Mailteam" works-- Victims work trends!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2445.entry
(1) Attorney Detlev Eidebenz, who represents a victim from Frankfurt, believes that the only hope to
stop the wrongdoings of these unknown microwave gangsters in the entire country, is to fight together.
(2) Video from Dee
(4) Taiwan Victim Mr. Wenlong Ma (IVAN" has reported his case to Police Taiwan
Taibei Police officer Mr. Cai
You may write the Police officer and let him know mind control is an international matter.
(5) Mr. Pam Farnsworth calls to contact Mr.Tony Clark, Public Affairs Officer at Jimmy Carter Center
(7) A letter from Organisator der Demonstration in Berlin:  Swetlana Schunin
2 Oct 07 "Mailteam"works--Victims work trends!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2439.entry
(1) French victim Rodin contacted Italian lawyer Romano Nobile.
(2) Belgium Victim Monika has contacted German lawyer.
(3) Mailteam has set up a blog for the victims to publish their stories.
(4) "peacepink" toolbar
you can download this toolbar at
(5) China victim Ruquan Guo wishes to find a job in Beijing, anyone who has a good job oppertunity,
please introduce yourself to her. (She has graduate from senior middle school)
tried to contact his doctors.
(7) USA victim don.friedman has won USD940 per month from the government.
(8) Soleilmavis and Rinoa has bought some advertisement to expose mind control torture and wishes
more people to know victims stories.
(9) China Victims also can join Victim online shop union.!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2378.entry!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2225.entry
26 Sep, Write to China government, Press, Social Organization, and Public
20 Sep, Write to Canada TV:THE X'ZONE RADIO & TV SHOW
15 Sep, Victims current work trends
(2)Mind Control Weapons shielding
(4)State Rep. Jim  Guest attend USA victims conference call
(5) China victim's website, you can link your sites here.
12 Sep, USA victim KELLY TAYLOR ask your signature for petition to USA government
21 Aug, Write to Madam HELENE FLAUTRE ,
Chairwoman of the Commission On Human Rights of the European Parliament
18 Aug, China victims, Please participant.
17 Aug, First worldwide victims conference call.
15 Aug,Meet Canadian Parliament JEAN CROWDER
13 Aug,Set up "Mailteam" contact email address for Press  
11 Aug,First Victims worldwide meeting in Belgium
7 Aug,A letter from Physicians to victim
5 Aug,Victims current work trends
(1)Robert will be interviewed by Patricia on
(2)NYC Ti MC Appeals Court Case Oral Argument Aug 9, 2007 details as to time place and
instructions to show support go to
(4)Some exciting new opportunities that will be happening in the next coming 2 months in Europe.
(5)Patsy Sorensen, former member of the European Parliament, invites all TI's vicitms, on
thursday-afternoon 9 of august, for a talk, to see how to start a solution to the problem.
10 Jul, Appeal to H.E Ban Ki-moom--Secretary General of the United Nations
6月18日,A letter from victim Charles Francis Harding III to government and their reply.
MASS PETITION--FRENCH EURO MPs + EUROPEAN COMMISSIONERS!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2598.entry!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2599.entry!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2600.entry
MASS PETITION--IRISH!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2699.entry
MASS PETITION--CZECH!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2700.entry
MASS PETITION--Atlantic Treaty Association!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2702.entry
Mass Petitions—United States1!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1901.entry
Mass Petitions—United States2!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1965.entry
Mass Petitions--- China2
MASS PETITION--CHINA LAWYER!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2837.entry!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2898.entry!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!2899.entry

Mass Petitions---INTERPOL and other Police Office!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1912.entry
Mass Petitions---WHO and American Psychiatric Association!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1910.entry
In addition to the above petition, please everyone write as much as possible to the government,
Media Email listings
19 May 2007  UK Live webchat 

UK Live webchat - Wednesday 23 May, 1000 BST to discuss human rights in the modern world, with

Baroness Ashton, Under-Secretary of State

Get your questions in to the minister responsible, Baroness Ashton of Upholland.


18 May 07 Videos and Recent Radio Interview of victims

Andy from the Edge Broadcast <>

Marshall Thomas

Radio Liberty is going to interview him tonight at 11mp EST on his video and book

Marshall Thomas’ video

Michael Hanna


15 May 07 USA Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice
A message from Michael Hanna
On June 26th, I am joining activists from across the country in Washington, DC to tell members of Congress 
face-to-face: it is time to stop the attacks on our civil and human rights. Will you come with me?
I hope you'll sign up for the June 26th Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice in 
The Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice is being organized by the ACLU, Amnesty International, 
and others to speak out against recent abuses of power that have eroded some of our most basic freedoms.
I'll be there, calling for an end to shameful acts of torture in secret prisons. We are demanding the immediate 
restoration of habeas corpus and due process. We are saying that people who break laws must be held 
accountable no matter how powerful they are. 
Will you join me in standing up for our rights and to protect freedom and fairness?
On June 26th,we will rally outside the Capitol and then meet with our members of Congress to discuss t
hese issues in person. It will be a historic day. I hope you can be there with me.
After you sign up, you will receive all the travel and logistics information you will need to plan your trip. 
If you can’t attend, you can still support the Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice by signing the 
petition to Congress. Website for sign up and sign your petition: 
Hope to see you in DC on June 26th!







To those that live in the

Los Angeles and surrounding area and nearby states, a film crew from the TV

station Channel 2 in Israel will be in LA taping for a documentary this weekend concerning the topic of

government surveillance.  I know this is short notice, but I've been working on making arrangements for

this since I received word of it just last week. 


The documentary is a four-part series called "Privacy Breach".  It will be focusing on the issues of

privacy relating to the areas of:  home, economics, medical, and finally government surveillance.  

Most of the focus will be placed on Israel, however there will be at least 8 minutes of reporting on

matters related to the US in each portion of the series.  In the government surveillance portion, Reli,

the co-editor stated that the focus there may be well more than 8 minutes, as she has become more

interested in the topic as she has researched further.  


The filming will occur Monday, May 7 at around 6 pm or so in the clubhouse of Ramona Lopez' apartment

complex, which is located not too far, (about 10 minutes) from these hotels in Simi Valley:



513-337-9632 (home)

513-344-4113 (cell)


4 May 2007 "Are You a Victim of Mind Control?" - TV INTERVIEW

Deborah would like to invite you to be a guest on The Deborah Interviews Show on iLifeTV!

The show topic is, "Are You a Victim of Mind Control?"


Because you have reason to believe that you are a victim of mind control, Deborah would like for you

to share your story of when, where and how you first realized that you were a victim, any medical

treatment and/or counseling you have received and whether you are in recovery or have reason to

believe you are still being victimized.


We are scheduling production in Nashville June 19-23 and are flexible to work within your schedule.


Cathy Edwards, Sr. Producer


e-mail: CathyEdwards@...


1 May 2007 Group Complaint -- United Nations Council on Human Rights


USA, Canada, Europe and Australia Group Complaint

Victim Mostafa Hosny – Canada, will file a complaint letter to United Nations,

Petitions Unit

United Nations Council on Human Rights

Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is the draft complaint letter.!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1917.entry

If you want to add your name to its listing, please write to him on


Russia Group Complaint

Victim Mrs. Alla Petuhova and other Russian victims also filed their group complaint letter to United Nations.

Here is the complaint letter.!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1919.entry


23 April 2007 New victims Website for Europe

A great contribution of Monika Stoces (Belgium), a website for Europe:


Forum with it

There you can introduce yourself

There you can put all links to worldwide from worldwide

You can see what people in Europe are trying
21 April 2007 4th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons


When: May 21 - 23, 2007

Where: in the Stadthalle Ettlingen

organized by Fraunhofer ICT; Pfinztal Germany


Point of Contact

Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (ICT)
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Thiel


+49 - 721- 4640 - 375


+49 - 721- 4640 - 575


Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (ICT)
P. O. Box 1240
D-76318 Pfinztal (Berghausen)


I have received a letter from Dr. Klaus-Dieter Thiel,

He is strictly against any misuse, but they will not discuss Mind Control Weapons.


14 April 2007 Send emails to Canadian TV about Mind Control Weapons and

Directed Energy Weapons torture and harassment


Mostafa Hosny, requests you all to send an email to Canadian TV at:


Please make it concise and confirm whether you have been subjected to what I described below.


Please try not to complain about legitimate Law Enforcement tactics such as surveillance (stalking)

as it is legal and authorized by courts.


Courts did not authorize Directed Energy Attacks. 


Moe Hosny

Windsor Canada

519 991 7461




12 Apr 2007 Victim Scott will appear on the New York City TV show: Fox and Friends First

On Friday 13 April, 2007 Scott will appear on the New York City TV show: Fox and Friends First
TV Program: Fox and Friends First 
It is the third part/hour of the 3 hour morning news show.
Where: Outside FOX WORLD NEWS, NYC
When: 8am New York time, Please check your local listing for the TV channel in your area.
I will be dressed in all black with dark sunglasses, and a black T-shirt with "white letters" on it that will be easy
to see even though I will be outside the studio. 
I should be in the opening shot at the beginning of the program at about 10 seconds after the show Logo, 
in the middle window, BUT, if you don't see me then, you should be able to see me clearly within the first 6-10min 
of the show outside one of the three large windows.
I will NOT be a guest on the show, and will NOT give an interview. I will be outside the studio where the show's 
"live friends" can be viewed. Depending on what happens, they could show a close up shot of my entire body, 
and mention me, and at that point I will wave to everyone, (this has happened to me before), otherwise, you will 
be able to see me in the background outside one of the windows, behind one of the shows host.
This show is broadcast in about 50 countries, and has an audience of millions and millions of people. 
Please take a few min on Friday, and celebrate with me
PS. It is NOT supposed to rain, but if it does, my umbrella is a large blue one, but you will still see my T-shirt..

7 April 2007  (Victims write letters or emails to expose Mind Control Weapons torture and harassment


On April, All victims please write letters to governments, public communities, human rights organizations, scientists, or press offices to expose Mind Control Weapons torture and harassment.

In your letters, it shall include your stories of being a target; your symptoms and your suffering; your efforts to stop the torture; and the help you wish to get.

There are more than 1500 victims who have stood up and make active efforts to expose these fascists Mind Control Weapons torturing and harassment. Through the efforts of the victims and all justice-upholding people in the world, have found more and more information that proves the existence of Mind Control Weapons.

It is time to cause widespread concern in society, and strongly condemn the abuse of such weapons against innocent citizens  We wish to bring out three questions:


(1)   Many countries have developed a type of brain control (drugs, chips, nano - or electromagnetic waves) weapons. Does the government then have also introduced a law system to manage the use of such weapons?

(2)   What effective legal systems and other measures that our government have already established to prevent the misuse of such weapons.

(3)   Once there is misuse of such weapons, how can we get help from our government to protect the interests of the victims? And how to put torturers to legal sanctions.


6 April 2007  (Contact with a reporter of CCTV)


A victim gave me a reporter‘s telephone number (Without this reporter’s agreement, I could not publish his telephone number and his name here) and said that CCTV <<Approaching Science>> wanted to make a program for victims and few victims would be invited to attend the program.

I called this reporter 3 times. First time, I just wanted to confirm about this matter. Second time, a victim told me that reporter was searching some information about this matter. I called this reporter and asked whether he wanted some help for preparing information. He said he would appreciate that if I could prepare some documents for him. He said he wanted the following information about Mind Control Weapons:

(1relevant evidences of origin Mind Control Weapons and Mind Control weapon development.

(2) News articles of Mind Control Weapons

(3) Conclusions from Scientists, lawyers and mental health experts on symptoms of the victims and the describe of these victims’ experience.

He also wanted some information from victims:

(1)     Personal experience of Victims

(2) The evidence of victim’s symptoms.

(3) Recommend several victims for the program


On 4 Apr, I wrote some emails, and within 2 days I received more than 40 replies. Victims, scientists, experts all over the world have given us disinterested assistance; they provided us some valuable documents. Some documents gave us freely which people only should pay for read from bookshops or internet.

Mr. Peter Phillips is a Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored, author of US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights” also wrote to me and asked this matter.!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1706.entry

I called this reporter on 6 Apr, and he said that they could not go to overseas to interview someone. And they would not focus on weapons. (In my opinions, all symptoms of victims are from Mind Control Weapons torturing and harassment. If they don’t focus on weapons, how could they find out the reason of victims symptoms?)


Thanks for all who have been working hard to expose Mind Control Weapons torturing and harassment. What they have done just want to help victims to get Public concern and help. Media program is a very good channel to get public concern and help. When those people heard that CCTV would do a program special for victims, everyone tried their best to help us and wish that there would be a good program.


I would express our sincere gratitude to all community, experts and scholars who concern about victims.

I also wish that victims should see that so many people put themselves in dangerous of possible attacking to help victims. Victims must standup and work hard, keep doing well.


28 March 2007 British "The Guardian" news report call for "ethical debate"

Guardian news report,,2009217,00.html the most welcome call, for "ethical debate", about technological thought inference.

"The research breaks controversial new ground in scientists' ability to probe people's minds and eavesdrop on their thoughts, and raises serious ethical issues over how brain-reading technology may be used in the future."  [Added emphasis mine]  So wrote Ian Simple, referring to certain very recent research into the technological inference of human thought, in this recent case using brain imaging, conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, University College London and Oxford University.  [The brain scan that can read people's intentions, The Guardian, Friday 9 February 2007]

A letter from John Allman about more research work of Mind Control and Mind Reading Technologies.

That the inference of human thought from biological data was entirely feasible, in the case of this much earlier research from EEG and EMG data, was demonstrated conclusively by Dr Lawrence Pinneo and others during a U.S. Department of Defense-funded research project that was conducted at the Stanford Research Institute, from 1972 until 1975.  (q.v.)

(Incidentally, Pinneo's research was mentioned in New Scientist, on 3 June 2006.  See )
The final report on Pinneo's project is entitled FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR DESIGN OF A BIOCYBERNETIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM.  This under-publicised but unclassified 149 page-long report has been obtainable in print for many years now, from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service, by quoting the document reference number "ADA017405" when ordering.
Pinneo's final report to the Department of Defense was first published, in Word format, on the internet in 2004, on the Christians Against Mental Slavery (CAMS) group's website -  There are now several other copies of Pinneo's report available on the internet (searchable by full title), in more compact formats.  The CAMS website also publishes a literature review paper by American biologist John McMurtrey that cites not only Pinneo's research, but also various later, civilian research projects that have developed different methods of technological human thought inference.  Significantly, there is also a short discussion paper covering the scientific literature that strongly suggests that nowadays EEG data may already be collectible remotely, by telemetry.
Remote, technological thought inference capablity is needed, if the affects upon specifically targeted individuals when deploying weapons for the the manipulation of human beings is to be monitored by those inflicting the effects, rendering the entire exercise any more worthwhile than playing darts in a darkroom.  Eight years ago, European Parliament Resolution A4-0005/99 Paragraph 27 called for all weapons capable of the manipulation of human beings to be banned worldwide, although the present British government is expressly opposed, in writing, to any such ban, or even to this new class of weapons being debated publicly.
One example of this new class of human manipulation weapons, so-called V2K weapons, is defined in the Military Thesaurus published on the website of The Center for Army Lessons Learned, Fort Leavenworth.
The targeting of specific individuals using V2K weapons, for the purposes of "psychological direction", is specifically elaborated by the USA's Department of the Army, USAF Scientific Advisory Board report entitled “New World Vistas: air and space power for the 21st century”, published in 1996.  Sadly, for reasons of "national security", attempts to obtain Freedom of Information Act disclosure, both in the UK and the USA, about this class of technology has not been successful enough to date for any official response to make a helpful contribution towards the proposed "ethical debate", about the thought inference technology that would be needed in order to monitor how effective any "psychological direction" of targeted individuals might be, using V2K or other human manipulation weapons.
On Sunday 14 January 2007, The Washington Post colour supplement magazine's cover story feature article was about the huge number of people internationally who nowadays claim to be the victims of non-consensual human-subject experimentation that deploys precisely the human manipulation weapons that the European Parliament wanted banned eight years ago.  These people have been putting vigorously one side of the proposed ethical debate, on the internet and suchlike, for decades.  It is therefore pleasing that the maintream media are at last beginning to take notice of this knotty ethical problem, in this 200th anniversary year of the final Act of our own British Parliament, leading to the abolition of the type of "slavery" against which William Wilberforce and others campaigned.
The position of the CAMS group is that we want it to be regarded as a crime against humanity worldwide  for anyone to monitor or to influence human thought technologically without continuing, informed consent.
John Allman

Secretary, Christians Against Mental Slavery, 15 Regent Court, Albert Street, Fleet, Hampshire. GU51 3YA

+44 7930 519793

16 March 2007


The International Criminal Court
Head of Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Po Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague
The Netherlands

Victim Johnfinch had written a letter to the International Criminal Court, The Hague, and have received the following reply.

"Dear Sir, Madam

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of you documents/letter.

This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely

?(illegible) ?.

Head of Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor"


15 March 2007

USA MC Court Case Appeal Needs You To Show UP In NYC

Tentative date: March 26-2007

Where:   500 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan New York, USA

The final date is not yet been set by the court. is the site that will have update as to time and room number.


Ti's Please make an effort!
Tentative Court date NYC March 26-2007 Needs your support by attending. This Court Proceeding could very well be the only way to get the attacks to stop.

Ti's requested to attend the following Court Proceeding for the purpose of illustrating support which may help in winning an Appeal of our Court Case. The Court Case with the US Government as Defendant was dismissed by the Judge on the basis that the government would not implant us and that the story is not real. Evidence of being implanted was provided by using the detection device on
, evidence that the government has done such things and worse was provided, The need for you to attend is simply to walk in and listen to the 30 minute oral argument supporting our position.

Attention to all those who will attend; this is a very very high security building, and everyone is searched before entry is allowed. Just don't bring anything that will cause you to lose your time going there, because they will not let you in because of the object.

Your attendance cannot be underestimated.

7 March 2007

London Directed Electromagnetic Harrassment Meeting
Date:                17th March 2007
Time:                11am - 1pm

Where:             Charing Cross Library, 4 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HF
Nearest Tube:    Leicester Square, Charing Cross
Buses:             24, 29, 176 or any bus to Trafalgar Square.

Map:        Search Maps "4 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HF"

Welcome all public and victims.

6 March 2007

USA Bus Rally and Meeting, Conference call

The plan is to take a bus across the USA country raising the awareness of the abuses we are all experiencing, educate the public at large, stay with T.I.'s in our host cities and get to know each other on an up and close basis.

We will need host cities along the way to house and feed us, set up interviews and help rally support along our way. Please let us know if you are interested in being a host city or a host for a night.
Planning sessions every Sunday until the Rally
ACCESS CODE:  5523906

27 February 2007

US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights
By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton
As Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights
Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons
Completed December 2006

Sonoma State University
Project Censored
Media Freedom Foundation!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1704.entry


28 January 2007

Victim, Keep faith and keep doing well.

Our Goal:

(1)  We wish a resolution from United Nations to stop Mind Control and Directed Energy weapons torturing and harassing.   

(2)  We wish all government cooperate together to sentence those torturers according to law.

How do we work:

(1)     Write letters to United Nations, government departments, Human Rights organizations and other organizations, to expose and strongly condemn Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons misuse, torture and harass legal, innocent, unarmed and defenseless civilians.

(2)     Through various channels to expose and strongly condemn Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons misuse, torture and harass legal, innocent, unarmed and defenseless civilians

(3)     Seeking signatures to support us to stop Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons misuse, torture and harass. We wish all government cooperate together to sentence those torturers according to law.

Our achievements:

After years of effort from victims and all kind people, we have made great achievements:

(1)        We encouraged all victims to build their own websites and blogs and work hard to make more people visit their websites. Currently, more than 1,000 victims have established web sites. As of December 31, 2006, many of the victims had more than 50,000 hits on their own websites, blogs. We have more than 50,000,000 hits totally.

(2)        We wish that there will be 600 millions people know about Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy weapons and such weapons have been misused and so many innocent victims have been suffering from torture and harassment. Through the efforts of many victims and kind people in the world, in January 2007 a lot of media started to report this incident, let us ahead of the target.

Our Next step:     We will continue to seek signatures to give us a supporting voice to stop Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons misuse, torture and harassment. Each victim shall get 10000 signatures from their web sites and blogs by the end of 2007.Don’t think it is impossible, before Media started to report Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons, there were already a lot of people would like give us a supporting voice. Please come to see “comment” from my blog

15 January 2007
Mind Control Story in Washington Post
Are they victims of mind-control dirty tricks or are they simply nuts? Sharon Weinberger presents the stories of a number of TIs -targeted individuals who believe they are being assaulted by electromagnetic weapons- in Sunday's (January 14) Washington Post magazine. Her cover story, "Mind Games", centers on Harlan Girard, who for many years has run the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons out of his home in Philadelphia. Weinberger lets you decide whether Girard and the others are  chizophrenic or the involuntary subjects of government experiments. It's a well-written piece and well worth the read.

In the Washington Post today, Sunday, January 14, is the article by Sharon Weinberger that we have long been awaiting.  You will be asked to do a free registration before you can access the article at

In addition, Ms. Weinberger will be hosting an Internet discussion on Tuesday, January 16 at 11:00 am Eastern time, 8:00 am Pacific time.  Go to:

 Here you can post advance comments or questions.  Be sure to be online for the discussion on Tuesday morning.  The Post counts the number of people online for the discussion as a measure of interest in the subject.  A larger that usual number will encourage further investigation and further stories.

 The Weinberger story is the first breakthrough to major media.  . . .  

Harlan  really does spend all of his time working on this issue and gathering consistent and excellent information and contacting world wide experts and human rights professionals etc.  He was a great representative of life as a mind control target.
15 January 2007
Today, Donald M. Friedman, acting as his own attorney, filed a verified motion in Federal District Court in Sacramento, California which conclusively proves (with attached-evidence/exhibits) that the U.S. Secret Service Protective Research and Protective Operations Divisions have been secretly/covertly and anonymously torturing, coercing, and abusing innocent Americans with totally covert, pinpoint accurate, invisible-beam, excruciatingly painful, wall-penetrating, Directed-Energy Weapons (or “Dew’s”) as part of a widespread, highly-secret, weapon and weapon countermeasure development program begun in 1992, during President George H.W. Bush’s administration, by the President’s personal security forces.
The victims of the completely unlawful human experimentation cannot escape the brutal torture and abuse (even by moving indoors) and they are also frequently, anonymously, coerced/forced (from up to 1000 meters away, near the maximum range of the Dew’s),  by the Secret Service personnel, to do things they  do not want to do.  Frequently, the victims, if they report the brutal torture, abuse, coercion, etc. to the proper authorities (police, etc.) they are wrongly believed to be mentally ill because they cannot physically identify or describe their attackers, or even, in almost every instance, plausibly explain the reason for their being targeted/victimized without mercy, or accurately identify the government agency responsible for the brutal and unprovoked anonymous attacks which cannot be prevented or stopped.
The motion which was filed by Mr. Friedman is included with this Press Release for your convenience.  It contains copies of never-before available evidence, in the form of certified transcripts of telephone calls between Mr. Friedman, a very long term victim, and Mr. Larry Stewart, a 24 year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service who retired from the agency in 2005.  The certified transcripts conclusively confirm the agency’s research, development, testing, and deployment of the Directed-Energy Weapons into the field in specialized units (trucks, etc.) equipped with Dew’s (acoustic/sonic, microwave, and millimeter-wave radiation-based), communications equipment, and ultra sophisticated, wall penetrating audio and video surveillance and digital a/v recording equipment, which the agency’s personnel routinely (and illegally) use without a warrant to surveille, monitor, and/or target their victims.  All of the “research, etc.” is totally unlawful, brutal human experimentation being covertly conducted on unwilling and/or unwitting participants.
The filed motion also proves that a Deputy Assistant Director of the U.S. Secret Service deliberately lied to the U.S. District Court, under penalty of perjury, to help the agency keep its (and its personnel’s) criminal and professional misconduct covered up indefinitely.
The motion is expected to be heard by the Federal Court within the upcoming months, and if all goes well, as it should since evidence is being included which proves U.S. Secret Service personnel committed very serious acts of criminal and professional misconduct, an evidentiary hearing should follow within 90 days.  At that evidentiary hearing, several current and past agency directors, assistant Directors, and other Agency personnel will be required to testify, at length, about their involvement in the unlawful human experimentation and other, related, criminal activities.
Mr. Ken Gaudet, of CDO Investigations, is Mr. Friedman’s court-appointed private investigator and is the authorized point of contact to reach Mr. Friedman for clarifications, comments, or media interviews, which Mr. Friedman is very willing to provide immediately.
This case has not yet been heard, but I have received the evidence to be presented and we should all shed some attention on this case!
In brief,  Mr Friedman does have testimony from a retired Secret Service agent that admits to the surveillance and the weaponry as well as it's programs. In addition, Mr. Friedman was hit so hard with EMF weaponry that his shoe was almost vaporized.  The shoe is part of the testimony, because Reebok has submitted research papers stating that the damage to the shoe was not normal wear and the damage could have been caused by an EMF weapon. 
If anyone knows a way to scan hundreds of documents into a zip file, so that I can send this evidence to everyone, please let me know.  Mr Friedman has had two investigators working on this case and the information attained could be valuable to us all. 
Please do not inundate Ken Gaudet with calls.  Ken is not at liberty to give any information pertaining to the case, so if you want to track what is going on use the PACE system at a cost of .08 cents a web page.
Send Donald words of support at
I have contacted Ken as to what we can all do to help the case and I will let everyone know as soon as possible.  Donald has requested publicity at this point, so please do what you can.
Stop Organized Stalking and Direct Energy Weapons !
Educate yourself!       
Aaron Avalos
28 November 2006
Nov 28, 9:58 AM EST
Watchdog launches probe into spy program
Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Justice Department has begun an internal investigation into its handling of information gathered in the government's domestic spying program. However, Democrats criticized the review as too narrow to determine whether the program violated federal law.
The inquiry by Glenn A. Fine, the department's inspector general, will focus on the role of Justice prosecutors and agents in carrying out the warrantless surveillance program run by the National Security Agency.
Fine's investigation is not expected to address whether the controversial program is an unconstitutional expansion of presidential power, as its critics and a federal judge in Detroit have charged.
"After conducting initial inquiries into the program, we have decided to open a program review that will examine the department's controls and use of information related to the program," Fine wrote in a letter dated Monday to House Judiciary Committee leaders. The four-paragraph letter was obtained by The Associated Press.
Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said the agency welcomes the review: "We expect that this review will assist Justice Department personnel in ensuring that the department's activities comply with the legal requirements that govern the operation of the program."
In January, Fine's office rejected a request by more than three dozen Democrats to investigate the secret program, which monitors phone calls and e-mails between people in the U.S. and abroad when a link to terrorism is suspected.
Fine's letter outlining his review was welcomed by congressional Democrats. At the same time, they said it falls short of examining issues at the heart of the debate - how the spying program evolved, and whether its creation violated any laws.
"A full investigation into the program as a whole, not just the DOJ's involvement, will be necessary," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.
The review could include whether the spying program complies with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires judicial authorization for electronicsurveillance and physical searches of people suspected of espionage or international terrorism on behalf of a foreign power. The Justice Department requests surveillance approval from the FISA court.
Democrats also questioned the timing of the review. Fine's letter noted that his office asked the White House on Oct. 20 for additional security clearances that were approved just last week - following the Nov. 7 elections that gave Democrats control of Congress.
Noting Democrats' renewed power to subpoena Bush administration officials next year, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., questioned that Fine's investigation "is only coming now after the election as an attempt to appease Democrats" who have been critical of the NSA program.
The letter was sent to House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and the panel's top Democrat and incoming chairman, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. Sensenbrenner had no comment. Conyers called the review "a long overdue investigation of a highly controversial program."
The Justice Department has called the program a necessary tool in the fight against terrorism, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is pushing congressionalRepublicans to authorize it by law before they cede power at the year's end - a prospect with at best a slim shot of approval.
Former Reagan administration national security official Robert F. Turner, now associate director at the Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia, said congressional demands for sensitive information about the program puts them at odds with long-standing presidential powers over the collection of foreign intelligence.
"It's good that the executive branch, on its own, is making sure that someone's not abusing this power," Turner said. "But when Congress usurps power vested in the president by the people through the Constitution, then it becomes the lawbreaker."
Countering, Caroline Fredrickson, the director of the ACLU's office in Washington, urged Fine "to seek the hidden truth about this program. ... No one, not even the president, is above the law."
On the Net:
Justice Department:

Stop Organized Stalking and Direct Energy Weapons !
Educate yourself!       
Aaron Avalos

28 November 2006

Advice for contacting attorney general offices  - From Derrick

John Akwei went to court with allegations that are similar to ours. We should reasonably expect that if many of us are having these same experiences that this situation would warrant further looking into. One of our members has already, acting solo succeeded in getting attention from someone in the California Attorney General's office just by citing websites. I believe that if several of us get an audience with these officials, we can reasonably expect to be listened to. We can REPORT that Senator Edward Long authored a book in 1967 entitled "The Intruders" that states that "in the developmental stages are techniques to determine what a person is thinking and to control his thoughts" and that "this would be done by interpreting a person's brain waves...” This Senator obviously knew firsthand of the experimental work that was going on at that time. And from our experience, they have come a long way since then. This same scenario is referenced in John Akwei's lawsuit in describing the technology used against him and other Americans. This technology correlates to the Senator's statements and is clearly explained in detail. And his having worked at NSA lends credibity to his claims. We may or may not go into mind-reading anyway. Primarily, our focus will be the directed energy weapons and the stalking issues.

I feel that I need to say also that these meetings are not a court of law; we do NOT have to prove our claims here. What we have to do though, is present enough rational evidence for them to do their own investigating and if our claims are found to have merit, we are talking about egregious CRIMES. If convinced that wrong-doing is going on, they will hopefully address our claims at the federal level on our behalf and in time may even set policy guidelines for our state and local police.

Do NOT forget to reference David Lawson's book, "Terrorist Stalking in America", and hand the people in AG offices a photocopy of a review, his is available here:

And since you are dealing with AGs, be sure to hand them this one too:

22 November 2006 Memorials of Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapon victims

(1) J, (I know nothing about her) who I heard from the torturers, died during May 2002 to August 2002 in China. Her death frightened me; I had ever mentioned her death in my letters to United Nations.

(2) Clare L. Wehrley[sic], described as a local transient, was crossing 34th Street North just south of Dartmouth Avenue North on January 6, 2006 at 7:40pm when she was struck by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix, traveling southbound and driven by Edward Raymond Peters, of St. Petersburg

A minivan had been in front of Peters and it swerved to avoid Wehrley as she crossed against traffic. The minivan blocked Peters view of Wehrley in the roadway as she continued walking from the center lane to the median lane and was struck by the Pontiac.

This pedestrian/fatality traffic crash was investigated by a Traffic Homicide Investigator (not to be confused with a homicide investigator). There are no charges pending in the traffic crash. Most victims believed that because torturers using mind control and Directed Energy Weapons to cause her death in a car accident.

(3) Carole Sterling , On November 6, 1997, Carole Sterling, a mind control victim, committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim.

(4)Nadine Elaine Mitchell (May 16, 1938 - August 5, 2006)

Last Saturday, August 5, 2006, a fellow-target passed away due to her injuries rendered physically and psychologically via covert harassment.  In speaking to those that were close to her, she suffered greatly, especially in her last days because of the cancer, directed energy weapons and non-stop group stalking activity. Here is a link to her online obituary:

(5) Darin Smith

From Jennifer M:

I received a strange and sad phone call tonight. A woman was going through her boyfriend’s cell phone to find out who he had been in contact with prior to his suicide. It was a TI who had contacted me in June about targetting. He described what was happening to him first in an email to me. His name was Darin Smith, a member of the Coast Guard. We talked on the phone for about an hour. He was very supportive to me and seemed to be knowledgable about the technology. He knew what they were doing to him, but he didn't understand why or how they did it, like most of us. He shot himself in the head, while driving, on Aug. 31st. 2006.

To any of you who knew him, I am very sorry. His girlfriend Tiffany, was asking me about this group. I'm still freaking out. He seemed so strong, when I last spoke to him in June. We have to stay tough guys. I'm having a hard time processing this, but I know that this is a supportive group.

Please add Darin's name to any memorial group or list we have and let me know if you need more information on the case. Sincerely yours, TI Jennifer M.


(6) Marnell Robertson Villarreal!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1927.entry
Knife-wielding woman left odd phone message
Recording was made day before she was killed at HPD, attorney say

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Perpetrators have involved with other terrorist acts of violence!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1923.entry

Who are Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons torturers and Perpetrators?!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1905.entry


14 November 2006 (From USA victims)

First presented by Elizabeth Adams,  John Conyers, a Democratic representative from Michigan, is scheduled to head the Judiciary Committee in January and a vote on the resolution would be made at that time. We will need to fully support this measure when it comes up for a vote as it seeks to re-open hearings on COINTELPRO and other abuses of the FBI and all the other intelligence agencies. 

2d Session

H. RES. 1026

For the re-opening of investigative hearings into the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and other intelligence and law enforcement programs and agencies, and an expansion of those hearings to include renewal of previously curtailed abuses, and other activities sanctioned by the USA PATRIOT ACT.


September 20, 2006

Ms. MCKINNEY submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Select Committee on Intelligence (Permanent Select), and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned



For the re-opening of investigative hearings into the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and other intelligence and law enforcement programs and agencies, and an expansion of those hearings to include renewal of previously curtailed abuses, and other activities sanctioned by the USA PATRIOT ACT.

Whereas the Congress affirms both constitutional and international law and all existing legislation and resolutions that protect, defend, and assert human and civil rights;

Whereas the Congress denounces the criminalization of political expression;

Whereas the Congress condemns any abuse of human, civil, and constitutional rights undertaken by Federal, State, or local law enforcement agencies and agents;

Whereas the Congress acknowledges the violations of law perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted under the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), and other intelligence agency and law enforcement programs such as CHAOS, GARDEN PLOT, CABLE SPLICER, LANTERN SPIKE, and others, which targeted the leadership of progressive social movements and implemented extra-constitutional aggregations of executive power or martial law;

Whereas the Congress recognizes the findings of the Church Committee which identified COINTELPRO and related activities as an illegal, extra-judicial effort designed to disrupt and destroy opposition groups and movements, and anti-war protest, among others;

Whereas the Congress regrets that the government investigations stopped short of making recommendations for relief for the victims of COINTELPRO and, as a result, dozens still remain imprisoned, unjustly incarcerated as the result of FBI operations to `neutralize' the leadership of the civil rights movement; and

Whereas the Congress recognizes that such abuses have been renewed in the United States under special Executive branch orders and mandates following the attacks of 9/11, by existing and newly formed intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies including but not limited to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Agency (TSA), and Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and by certain provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT and related legislation: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the U.S. Congress will release any related classified documents that do not involve compromise of an existing source, agent, or method, and renew and administer hearings by all appropriate committees and subcommittees of Congress, or through the formation of a select oversight committee to investigate the past abuses and appropriate legal relief due to the victims of such abuses carried out under COINTELPRO and related programs by other intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and to identify any renewal of similar abuses following the attacks of 9/11 by any Federal or local agencies or Executive branch orders, or under the provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT; and

Be it further resolved, That Congress intends to renew legislation that will end these abuses and fully protect the constitutional, civil, and human rights of all U.S. citizens and others who fall under the protection of our laws and international laws and treaties the United States is signatory to.