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Optimal Sensor Management

  • Overview

    • Distributed Probabilistic Search and Tracking
      • Searching of mobile targets in an area using a mobile sensor network with unknown a priori target information is a challenging task. A typical formulation of confidence indicating target locations within a search area requires a grid map and an assignment of each cell in the grid with a probability value between 0 and 1. The resulting map is referred to as a probability map, which has been widely used in the past for target search and tracking. In this research, we focus on innovative techniques for cooperative search and tracking of mobile targets by a team of UAVs using probability maps.  

Original colored terrain map (left) and generated probabilistic map (right)

Snapshot of cooperative tracking

    • Optimal Sensor Management and Path Planning
      • Sensor management investigates the allocation of sensor pointing orientations, while path planning generates desired moving directions of UAVs. The optimal solutions of sensor management and path planning are obtained by using the Graph theory and the Model Predictive Control technique.

3 UAVs tracking 15 targets