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Apartments in Residencial Maria Elenir

posted Sep 15, 2009, 10:31 AM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Sep 15, 2009, 12:16 PM ]

Apartments for sale in Area Preta, Natal

The "Residential María Elena" is a residential apartment complex, composed 1 (a) tower with conventional structure of concrete and masonry sealing containing 35 (thirty five) housing units, distributed in 23 (twenty three) floors, deployed in the field of 2132.86 meters (Two thousand one hundred thirty-two meters square and eighty six centimeters square). 
It is located in the Avenida Governador Silvio Pedroza, No. 298, Sand Black - Natal / RN. 

The land has the following limits and confrontation: 
the northern boundary with the Av Governor Silvio Pedroza, with 32.75 m, 
the South, with Rua Guanabara, with 18.20 m, 
the East and West with lots of third with 102.44 m and 92.35 m, respectively. 

 The building will be constructed in accordance with the architectural design of authoring 
Flavio Rogerio Rocha de Gois (CREA 2106045425), approved by City Hall 

The floors of the project are distributed as follows: 

Consisting of 01 (a) floor containing 48 (forty eight) parking spaces covered, house gas, house refuse, generator, meters, storage, elevator shafts 02, escda social and ladder safety.
Consisting of 01 (a) floor containing 28 (twenty-eight) parking spaces covered concierge bwc, water-mirror, ballroom, bar, kitchen, lobby, fitness, meters, space gourmet, bwc, pool, deck, 02 elevator shafts and stair safety. 

Consisting of 01 (a) floor, containing 31 (thirty one) parking spaces covered 02 elevator shafts and stair safety. 

PAVEMENT TYPE 1 ° to 17 ° 
Consisting of 17 (seventeen) floors, each containing 02 (two) units autonomous housing, is a type of T1, with 04 suites and one of type T2, with 03 suites, 02 elevator shafts, social hall, hall service, circulation, shaft and ladder safety. 
The private areas of each T1, consists of: living / dining room, balcony, toilet, master suite with dressing room, 03 suites, movement, kitchen, maid's room, and bwc service area.

The private areas of each T2, consists of: living / dining room, balcony, toilet, master suite with dressing room, 02 suites, movement, kitchen, maid's room, and bwc service area. 
Each residential unit character unique to its intended its construction, is the right to exclusive use of 03 (three) parking spaces on site to be indicated by the condominium. 

Each residential unit unattended is composed of the following rooms: 

 Living / Dining  41,96m²
 Balcony  28,32m²
 Master Suite 27,22m²
 Closet  4,40m²
 BWC  5,48m²
 Toilet  2,10m²
 Circulation  8,96m²
 Suite 01  11,27m²
 BWC Suite 01  4,00m²
 Suite 02  11,27m²
 BWC Suite 02  3,30m²
 Suite 03  14,21m²
 BWC Suite 03  2,64m²
 Unit employees  17,22m²
 BWC Service
 Service Area  2,08m²
 TOTAL AREA 195,67m²

Consisting of 01 (a) stand-alone unit housing 02 elevator shafts, movement, hall, hall and stair service. The private areas of the unit consists of: living / dining room, home theater, 02 balconies, bathroom, master suite with dressing room, 03 suites, circulation, pantry / kitchen, laundry room, maid's room, bathroom, stairs, be intimate area leisure deck, pool, bar, bwc, home office and bathroom. In the residential unit, corresponds to right to exclusive use of 04 parking spaces on the site to be nominated by the condominium. 
Environments are constituents of the UH: 

Living / Dining 34.80m²
Balcony 23.82m² 
Master Suite 21.06m²
Closet 4.40m²
BWC 5.48m² 
Toilet 2.10m²
Circulation 8.96m²
Suite 01 11.87m²
BWC Suite 01 2.64m²
Suite 02 14.21m²
BWC Suite 02 2.64m² 
Pantry / Kitchen 17.22m²
Unit employees 5.05m²
BWC Service 2.08m²
Service Area 6.19m² 
TOTAL AREA 162.52 m²


Consisting of 01 (a) deck house containing machines, keg, plateau, hall, ladder and sealed slab where is located the area of rescue. 


Consisting of 01 (a) floor containing 03 tanks in fiberglass, with capacity for 10,000 liters.


The area of common use include spaces for the technical areas (reservoirs with lower pump house, storage, 01 home gas meter room, generator, home garbage) and the parking of light vehicles (garages and access roads). 
The Recreation Area are: Reception Hall, Lobby, Kitchen, Bar, Bwc, Gourmet kitchen, Fitness, mirror of water, pool, and Rule Bwc with Bwc.

5 Bungalows for sale in Moriu, Natal for R$ 300.000,-

posted Aug 13, 2009, 5:23 AM by Christine Epaud

5 very nice bungalows for sale.
The bungalows are build with a swimming pool in the middle, and with a common barbecue area.

Each bungalow contain:
- 2 bedrooms.
- 1 bathroom
- 1. kitchen/living room  
- 1 nice veranda

All this for a very good price.

Apartement in Area Preta Natal

posted May 11, 2009, 4:57 AM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Aug 13, 2009, 7:30 AM ]

  • Apartment for sale in Porto salinas  full furniture  and front line with the view of new bridge and Pontanegra view

  • 178m²  on the seven floor
  • 180M² on the  eight floor
  • 178m² on the fifth floor
  • Infront the beach you can see surfing  competion  and parties on saturday and sunday
  • Easy transport to go to others beaches
  • 20 minute from the international airport of Natal

House, land and pousada for sale in Buzios, Tabatinga, Natal, Brasil

posted Apr 7, 2009, 3:06 PM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Aug 4, 2009, 12:54 PM ]

Beautiful vacation spot about a thirty minute drive from Ponta Negra.
Size: 80 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Swimming Pool
Distance from the beach: 200 meters
Distance from stores: 250 meters
Distance from restaurants: 250 meters

This house is located in a peaceful vacation spot with fantastic beaches.
The surrounding areas consist mostly of vacation homes and apartment buildings.

The house could use some restoration as it's built after brazilian standards, not european.

Sezimbra Village, Ponta Negra, Natal, Brasil

posted Apr 7, 2009, 2:27 PM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Apr 7, 2009, 2:52 PM ]

3 apartments for sale.

The SezimbraVillage is located in the tourist heart of Natal, near the famous Beach of Ponta Negra and only ten minutes from the main business-oriented centers and purchases.

Porto Salinas, Areia Preta, Natal, Brasil

posted Apr 6, 2009, 2:03 PM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Aug 13, 2009, 7:18 AM ]

   6  Apartments for sale:
  • Apartments 173m²*
  • Living room, dining room, home theater
  • 03 bedrooms,  01 Master bedroom
  • 03 garage places
  • Swimming pool, area for barbecue, room for sports

Curva de Vento in Ponta Negra ....

posted Apr 6, 2009, 6:00 AM by Christine Epaud   [ updated Aug 13, 2009, 7:20 AM ]

Leiligheter tilsalgs i på en unik plass ved den mest berømte rundkjøringen i Ponta Negra og noen få meter fra stranden. Nyt den beste utsikten i Natal over Morro do Careca. 

For mere informasjon kontakt:

Apartments for sale: Located in a unique place, the most famous bend of Ponta Negra and a few meters from the shore. Enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Natal, the Morro do Careca.

For more information contact:

Good winds bring the best view of Ponta Negra beach
Praia de Ponta NegraA curvilinear designed enterprise, located in a unique place, the most famous bend of Ponta Negra and a few meters from the shore. Enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Natal, the Morro do Careca

The winds blowing for your quality of life.

Curva do Vento Residence, the latest real estate launch of Ponta Negra. The sea breeze and the best view of the beach will be part of your life, every day, from your balcony. A venture of differentiated architecture, a project that focuses on comfort and well being of your family with leisure area, security and a perfect location.

A tower of 21 floors, with 63 residential flat type units, apartments with; room, suite, bathroom, bedroom, hall, kitchen, toilet and balcony, except in the penthouses with special and differentiated areas. The condominium is composed of pool, wood deck, stone deck, gourmet room, administration, reception, lobby, fitness room and elevators.

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Avenida Roberto Freire | Rua Leonora
 Armstrong, 500 | Ponta Negra

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