Hello, I am a founder of a company in Portland Oregon Which specializes in Solar, Wind, and Hydro energy technologies. We assist our clients in selection and placement of alternative energy equipment. We believe that with proper planning and hard work our outcomes can be quite profitable. Currently there has never been a better time to buy solar, wind, or hydro technology. As the science changes, so do the commercial products available. We hope that through hard research and long term planning the world can become a greener place. With the development of thin file solar panels the change is at hand. Some new efforts in solar thermal are to be admired, as there has been a very strong interest in the output of these heat cycle systems. The energy output of Solar Pv is contingent on the absorbable wavelengths, thus the research into silicon nano wires, silicon microdot, carbon buckyball, and carbon nanotube technology is driving a 3rd generation of solar sell so unique to each company and yet so similar, designed on the nano scale.

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