Exposing Common Energy Myths

Myth - We need to reduce our energy supply

Excess CO2 causes changing climate and ocean acidification. Fossil fuels are being burned at ever faster rates because developing countries are rapidly developing their infrastructure. Fossil fuels cause pollution and adverse health effects and tar sands are converting forests into wastelands. Fossil fuels will not last very long. Therefore, in order to DEAL with these problems, we need a vast supply of clean energy! We can not allow any organization to impose laws that restrict the ability for any clean energy development. Less energy will NOT power the necessary infrastructure needs of the developing nations. Less energy will NOT provide for the economic growth necessary for the developed nations to prosper and less energy will NOT give humanity the power necessary to "clean up". Future prosperity depends on cheap clean energy.

Myth - Solar and wind can do it all

Solar and wind can not power “everything”, however, they can power a lot. Solar and wind could supply up to 20% of global power needs if machine mass produced for cheap. After that, very affordable and efficient energy storage will be needed. Machine automation is a must for inexpensive electric car batteries, as well. We should promote machine made solar and wind because they have AWESOME potential and are almost cheap enough (already) to not need subsidies. Thousands of square miles of solar and millions of wind turbines are little detriment compared to fossil fueled depletion into an over heated biosphere. We will, however, need a more powerful base load source of clean energy to provide for the needs of a growing planetary civilization and environment. Develop the big three - Solar, Wind and Nuclear.

Myth - Efficiency will solve all the problems

Efficiency and conservation (demand side) can reduce up to 50% of global power needs, however, the developing world will still need about FIVE TIMES what the West consumes. Efficiency and conservation, although necessary, can not prevent depletion in a fossil fueled world. We must promote efficiency and conservation but not at the expense of clean energy development. Efficiency is just part of the low CO2 solution.

Myth - Nuclear can not safely power the world

Nuclear energy, despite being generated in the old fashioned, inefficient and inherently dangerous water reactors, have the best safety record by far over each of coal, oil, natural gas and hydroelectric. However, there are better ways to split the atom. The Molten Salt Reactor (and other closed cycles) have already been proven to the demonstration level decades ago. MSR’s (or better alternative) should be re-developed and produced by the thousands in a factory setting. Wastes from the closed cycle constitute just 1% of that from today’s water reactors and decay back down to natural levels in about 300 years, and must be isolated for only about 1/1,000ths of the time required by today’s “spent fuel”. Fast reactors and MSR’s fission their fuel on the order of 100 times more efficiently than today’s reactors! The high temps can make liquid fuels from air and water. Molten salt reactors are inherently melt down proof.

A world without abundant clean energy is a world at war

Humanity in depletion mode would be far more detrimental to the environment than developing ALL the clean energy we need. We must mass produce wind, solar, electric vehicles and  closed cycle melt down proof molten salt reactors.

Don't just kill a watt - Megawatt ~