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(This is a rough copy so Please make comments throughout the website, thanks) 

A Solar Warrior Farm Workshop (SWFW) 

In coordination with Henry Red Cloud (HRC) at Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE).

June 10-14, 2013 

This week-long workshop will help participants learn to...

  • Design, Install and Maintain Practical Solar-Powered Water pumps 
  • Design, Install and Maintain Drip-Irrigation Systems 
  • also learn Sustainable Farming Techniques 
On rez near Pine Ridge, SD.,  we will solar pump water from White Clay Creek and Drip-Irrigate The Solar Warrior Farm. 

In collaboration with Trees, Water, People's Food Security Program.

Promote self sufficient food production and sustainable livelihoods with solar water pumps and drip-irrigation. This model can be scaled and replicated.   

For details call Henry Red Cloud... 


Workshop Goal:

To provide hands-on training -

How-to design and install a Solar Water Pump system and a Drip-Irrigation system.


Suggested General Responsibilities:



LSE                      Host + Overall Workshop Coordination & Installation Prep


LSE-TWP-OLC (Ag Dept.)Sponsorship, Student Recruitment, Media Coordination,

NWF-ECOCHE-NCAT (?)Workshop Documentation


LSE-SEI               Solar Water Pumping System (SWP) Design/Installation


LSE-TWP            Drip-Irrigation System (DIS) Design/Installation


LSE-SEI-TWP-OLC            Classroom and Hands-on Training (SWP & DIS)


LSE-TWP            Project Budget Oversight


OLC (Media Dept.)                       Workshop Video Documentation


OTHER(S)… ?            OTHER(S)… ?


Preliminary Design Considerations and Technical Specs - March 2013 (JW)


A pole-mounted day-use PV powered shallow well jet pump supplying two (2) elevated 1000 gallons water storage tanks with ~1000gal/day to drip-irrigate ~____ sqft of farm and ____ sqft of greenhouse.  Pump – SunPump Model #SJT-05-90BT. (?)


Total Head = 20’-25’ (bottom of creek to top of tank)

Suction Head = 15’ vertical (water source to pump located at base of PV array)


Total length (LF) of 2” supply irrigation pipe run = 90’-130’

(Exact location of water storage tanks to be confirmed by LSE - see Timeline)


Total length (LF) of sunlight resistant direct burial wire # _____ = <20’ (PV to pump)

(Exact location of pump to be confirmed by SEI – see Timeline)


PV Array (Exact location, height and specs to be confirmed by LSE– see Timeline)

Pole to be 4” min. sch 40 steel mounted below frost w/100 mph wind resistant concrete footer pre-instaled before workshop.