Thermo-Syphon Solar Water Heater Serpentine Design

       Over A Hundred Years of Use in The U.S.A. Old As, Mother Earth Technology. I, Used A Thermo-Syphon Solar Water Heater For Over 45 Years.  In North Alabama U.S.A. And Have Not Turn A Screw On It. A Thermo-Syphon System Requires Neither  Pump Nor Controller, So Dependable, No One Dare  Manufacture, Because Of No After Market.  The System Rely On The Principle That Hot Water Rises, And Cooler Water Sinks. Adding Absorbing Fins To The Flow-Tubes, Helps Collect More Heat To The Flow-Tubes. As The Sun Heats The Water In The Flow-Tubes  During The Daylight Hours, It Will Rises To The Tank Above It.

        Water Can Freeze In  The Flow-Tubes, Here In North Alabama U.S.A. But I, Have More Tolerance In My System As My Flow-Tubes Would Be Located In My Sun Space.  So Freezing Of Water In My Flow-Tubes  Will Not Happen Until May Be 20-25 Degrees, But, If My Warning Light Come’s On I, Drain A About 1 To 2 Gallons Of Water Out My Flow-Tubes. This Last Year I, Drain It About 6 Times For 2015-2016. In The 45 Years Of Use, I Never Had To Freeze, You Can Buy Automatic Drain Valve’s If You Do Not Want To Drain It Your Self. The Cost Of About $300 Dollars       Google It Look For A Low Price

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPel-2hFmcopkcAsAEZdOA       YouTube Video Diy Solar Water Heater

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