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Solar Shield has years of experience serving Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding region.  We offer elegant and practical solutions to the most challenging sun control and security issues for your home or business.

Increase Comfort and Reduce Energy Costs

Glare from the sun can spoil the comfort of your home or business.  Window film blocks up to 99% of annoying UV rays, removing strain on your eyes and allowing you to enjoy the view from your windows.

Heat from the sun is a leading factor in increasing your cooling costs in the hot months.  Even in the winter, heat from inside your home is lost through the windows.  Window films block up to 76% of heat gain in the summer and 35% of heat loss in the winter, significantly reducing your energy bill.

Solar Shield is helping lead the way in Green Building, an effort to promote and support building practices that are environmentally responsible.  Through the US Green Building Council and the Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association, we are helping to reduce energy consumption in our area.

Protect Your Valuables

Our films block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can fade drapes, furniture, artwork, documents, carpeting,  and even hardwood flooring.  This is why clients from the finest homes to government buildings to church archives have turned to Solar Shield for protection.

Improve Security

Window film helps turn all of your windows into storm windows. In destructive weather, one of the greatest dangers  is the threat of broken glass.  All of our window films help hold the glass in the frame when struck to prevent flying glass and dangerous shards. They are very resistant to penetration and tearing, providing additional protection from water damage.

Expert Installation

Our expert technicians have years of experience serving commercial and residential clients.  We are not a "car shop" who does an occasional building.  We have the professionalism and discretion to work inside your home or business without disrupting your daily activities.