Eco Sciences, LLC, Division of SolarOrganite

The new patented SolarOrganite® process is effective in reducing cost for biosolids, septic waste and can eliminate the need to transport leachate from your landfill.

Eco Sciences, LLC offers turnkey solutions that SAVE MONEY and reduce your municipalitys carbon footprint while saving on transportation and other disposal costs. Using a newly patented technology, our end product is Class AA Biosolids fertilizer, meaning it can be reused without risk to people health or the environment.

Traditionally, biosolids (sludge) disposal involves trucking it to rural areas, land spreading in fields and pastures, incineration, adding chemicals or just dumping into landfills. However, concerns about contaminants, runoff, air pollution, tipping fees and transportation costs have resulted in cities and municipalities looking for better, more cost efficient ways to handle the removal of sludge from Wastewater Treatment Facilities without hurting the environment.

Eco Sciences, LLC helps clients manage their capital cost, energy use, conservation and Biosolids disposal needs through solutions that are safe, environmentally friendly and that will positively impact their bottom line.

Environmental benefits:

  We use ONLY natural sunlight to dry the biosolids and through our patented process biosolids reach pasteurization temperatures that destroy pathogens and removes vector attraction.

  Particulates from the process are converted to a licensed fertilizer and can be used in any agriculture, landscape or farming properly.  NO RESTRICTIONS.

  Beneficial reuses are found for the dried material, which is reduced by 90-95 percent of its initial weight.

  We can establish a biosolids SolarOrganite drying facility at a location that allows for the efficient use of your resources eliminating or minimizing the need for transportation.

  • No more expensive trips to haul heavy biosolids hundreds of miles.
  • No more tipping fees.
  • No more straining overburdened landfills.
  • No more money need in your sludge disposal budget.

Additionally, with innovative, environmentally-oriented thinking, youll have an excellent story to tell to your community.

The SolarOrganite Division is here to help you whether your problems are sludge, septic waste and landfill leachate?

We can develop an innovative, proprietary and cost effective ways for the remove of biosolids from your wastewater treatment facilities, process septic waste and eliminate hauling leachate from your landfill.

We would be glad to help in protecting our waters.  SolarOrganite, LLC has a Newly Patented Leachate Reduction Elimination Process with NO Discharge at the LOWEST COST. Leachate management is one of, if not the most significant long-term, recurring cost for landfill management. It accounts for up to 25 to 30 percent of the O&M costs. What’s more, leachate management continues well into most landfills’ post-closure period and will remain subject to evolving regulatory requirements. While it’s really important to consider each landfill’s site-specific circumstances before making any decisions, we can offer a new low cost way to eliminate cost with our newly developed SolarOrganite Process, it is economically feasible and environmentally sound approach to leachate management.  The SolarOrganite method reduces the leachate volume, producing water vapor and a leachate concentrate that can be recycled to the landfill. Only using solar energy is the lowest cost effective alternatives.  Let us know if you need help.  Eco Sciences, LLC, 352-358-1222

It is clean, green and seen as the most cost-effective process for Safely converting Sewage Sludge and Septic Waste into a Class AA/EQ Licensed Fertilizer.


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