Welcome to the MADAWG website

Solar Orbiter is an ESA/NASA mission to explore the Sun and solar activity from inside the orbit of Mercury. The spacecraft will approach the Sun up to a perihelion distance of about 60 solar radii (0.29 AU) and permit close-up and high-latitude studies of the Sun for the first time. 

Solar Orbiter will address a number of central questions in heliophysics including, 
  • What drives the solar wind and where does the coronal magnetic field originate from?
  • How do solar transients drive heliospheric variability?
  • How do solar eruptions produce energetic particle radiation that fills the heliosphere?
  • How does the solar dynamo work and drive connections between the Sun and the heliosphere?
The Modelling and Data Analysis Working Group (MADAWG) is a team of scientists and engineers working on:

- coordinating modelling and theoretical support for Solar Orbiter science,

- preparing data analysis tools to relate different Solar Orbiter datasets,

- defining the format of datasets and their metadata from Solar Orbiter.

- defining how data archives will exchange Solar Orbiter data.